Packing Services

Our packing services give you a hassle-free way to move

Packing services

Movers On Duty provides FREE packing supplies.

We understand that packing can be the most stressful part of moving. Our packing services will take your stress away.


Our attention to detail, reliability, efficiency, and professionalism has set us apart from other companies for more than a decade now. Thanks to our strong commitment to our clients, we have proudly achieved a 98% customer satisfaction rate and have been members of the Better Business Bureau for years without claims and an A+ rating.

Packing services md

The mere idea of packing can be the most overwhelming part of moving. Sometimes it’s hard to even know where to start. Whether you’re moving state-to-state, across the street, or into a storage facility, Movers On Duty is a Maryland-based moving company that can easily handle your packing needs to simplify your move.

Packing services for safe delivery

We promise and provide the highest-quality packing services to bring your personal possessions safely home.

We know how important it is to you that your belongings are delivered safely.

Peace of mind is just around the corner!

packing services

Packing tips:


If you prefer to pack on your own, it’s important to plan and organize. We can provide you with the moving supplies you need and the little-known packing tips that can save you time and damage.

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