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The Move – Faq

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Moving – Frequently Asked Questions: The Move

We’ll try to answer all of your questions and concerns in this FAQ section.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at or give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to answer them!

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How will Movers On Duty Protect My Furniture?

Our commercial and residential movers are very meticulous to secure and protect all of your furniture and belongings with blankets and/or plastic wrap during transportation.

We do NOT charge extra for this service.

For more details, click here.

furniture protection for moving

how to protect furniture

Will Movers On Duty protect my TV(s), paintings, and mirror(s) before moving them?

Yes, we will. Even if you don’t have the original boxes. This is how they will look like before we load them into the truck:

TV moving


How to protect a mirror?

how to protect a

For a more detailed explanation and more pics Click Here

Got picture frames or small mirrors? Mirror cartons are great for those situations:

How to pack paintings

How will my bed(s) be moved?

How to move a bed

Our movers are going to plastic wrap your mattress(es) and box spring(s) at no additional charge.

Moving services

Headboard, footboard, and bed frame will be blanket wrapped to avoid nicks, dings, or scratches.

Movers that protect furniture

How will Movers On Duty protect/wrap my expensive chairs and curio cabinet?

In the following link, you can see how we move a dining table and chairs safely.

But besides being super careful, we will blanket-wrap the chairs and the cabinet like this:

wrapping a chair for moving

how will the movers protect the furniture

furniture protected for moving

how to move a curio cabinet

how to wrap furniture

how will the movers

How will a china cabinet with glass doors be protected?

We will carefully wrap and protect your china cabinet so it gets to its destination in 1 piece.

how to protect a china cabinet how to protect a china cabinet for moving

What will be loaded first? In what order do you pack the truck?

It really depends on what exactly we are moving.

In a regular residential move, we start with all the boxes, plastic bins, luggage, and plastic bags. All square/rectangular furniture items will be loaded next (dressers, nightstands, chest of drawers, etc) Then, odd-shaped items like chairs, bed frames, and floor lamps. We will usually load mattresses and box springs last, placing them as a wall to help us secure the load. We use tie-down straps to make sure nothing moves while in transit.

furniture protection

professional furniture protection

How do I prepare my home and myself for move day?

If you didn’t complete the packing, maybe because something unanticipated took you away from packing. Contact us as soon as possible so that we can send out professional packers to complete the job for you.

Everything must be packed in boxes, plastic bins, or bags before entering the truck. We have very affordable packing rates and we will provide ALL packing supplies AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

how do movers protect furniture

Make sure your home is ready for the crew. Move anything off the porch and walkways that may obstruct the movement of your goods out of the home. Take doors off the hinges if you know certain items will not fit through. Remove all small area rugs from traffic areas that could cause the driver or crew to trip or slip.

Have water, Gatorade or soda on hand for the movers, especially on a hot summer day 🙂 They will come prepared but will be grateful for your thoughtfulness.

Can you disassemble/re-assemble my bed frame? It is a simple metal one, I just don’t have the tools for it.

Sure, no problem.

furniture wrapping

The stairway is a bit too narrow to fit a Queen size box spring (mattress can bend, so it’s ok), but to get the mattress out of the room, it needs to be lowered via rope from the balcony attached to my room. Is this something your movers can take care of?

Yes, we can but there is an additional fee for this. This allows us to bring an additional moving helper and special ropes to get this done correctly and safely.

How will the movers protect the ping-pong table?

packing a ping-pong table

Will the air hockey table be disassembled?

Yes, it will be disassembled and this is how they will look once we are done protecting them:

moving a ping-pong table


The Moving Dilemma: Do Movers Expect You To Help?

Ah, the age-old question: To lend a hand or not to lend a hand during the moving process? As your belongings are whisked away by a team of professional movers, you might find yourself feeling a twinge of guilt, wondering if you should be doing more than just standing there. After all, it’s your stuff being shuffled around, right?

The Movers’ Perspective

But here’s the inside scoop: most movers actually prefer that you resist the urge to play the role of amateur mover. Why, you ask? Well, it’s not because they don’t appreciate your willingness to pitch in. It’s quite the contrary! Our movers are experts at what they do, and they have a finely-tuned system in place to ensure that your move goes off without a hitch.

Stay Out of the Way, But Not Out of Mind

By allowing the movers to work unencumbered, you’re actually helping to expedite the process. They’re able to move more efficiently when they don’t have to navigate around well-meaning but ultimately in-the-way homeowners. Plus, it gives them the space they need to work their magic and ensure that your belongings are handled with the utmost care.

Trust in the Professionals

So, the next time you find yourself itching to lend a hand during your move, remember this: the best way to help is often to step back and let the pros do what they do best. Trust in their expertise, stay out of the way, and rest easy knowing that your move is in capable hands.

do movers expect you to help

How will I know when my shipment is going to be delivered?

Local jobs are usually delivered the same or the next day. (up to you)

Our delivery time for long-distance shipments is usually 1 to 14 days depending on where you are moving to and the time of the year. If you need an exact delivery date simply let us know. Your driver will contact you 24 hours prior to delivery with an ETA.
Be certain to provide the driver with all your updated contact information. The phone number at the new home is only good if there is a person there to take the call. If you can be reached at work, a hotel, or a temporary residence or by email let the driver know.
If you will be impossible to reach, make arrangements with a friend or family member to serve as the liaison between you and the driver and provide the driver with that contact information.

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