Unpacking services

Unpacking services. Unboxing and organizing.

Commercial and Residential unpacking services in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC – Unpacking help


Unpacking boxes might be the most tedious part of moving for most people, it also is extremely time-consuming. For this reason, we now offer unpacking services.

We are a professional packing and unpacking company based out of Maryland available to help to unpack cartons and boxes. Unpacking delicate items and breakables is our specialty. Unwrapping of furniture is also available.

Only our team of highly skilled organizers will get you unpacked and settled in as little as one day!


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Can you hire someone to help you unpack? Full unpacking services are available in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC

Yes, we can help unpack! But we do not just empty boxes. Besides unpacking, we sort, we organize, and we put away your things in their respective cabinets or closets.

And best of all, we will prep the boxes for recycling once we are all done unpacking. Removal and recycling of boxes and packing materials might not be included. (Based on your area)



Unpacking boxes help – Unwrapping and organizing.

After moving, if you hired our movers, they will place all the boxes in their respective rooms for you. If you need help opening those boxes, please, feel free to contact us at any time to schedule our unpacking services.

We usually unpack the bathroom and the kitchen boxes first when we help unpack.

Our unpacking crew will unwrap the dishes, glasses, cups, bowls, and all the rest of the fragile items. We will place these items in the cabinets/drawers of your preference.

Then, we will proceed to unpack the boxes of books, clothes, and other non-breakable items.


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Unpacking services cost

The prices and rates for unpacking will vary depending on the size of the office/home. Unpacking services save you time and help you get ready to start your new life as soon as possible.

If you would like some assistance with unpacking boxes, we can undertake the entire job, or simply provide a few hours of unpacking help. It is your choice.

One thing is for sure. Moving into your new place will be much quicker if you let us unpack your home or office.

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