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Movers On Duty Olney Maryland – Packing, Moving, Unpacking, Junk Removal, and Eviction moving company Olney MD

Moving services in Olney Maryland

Movers Olney MD with more than 12 years of packing and moving experience.

Check out our great reviews! And give us a call now to learn how much movers in Olney Maryland cost and how many movers we would recommend for your move.

Local Olney Movers | Long-distance movers Olney MD

Olney movers MD offering long-distance moving services and short-distance moving services.

Movers On Duty is a residential and commercial moving company serving Montgomery County Maryland since 2008. We offer local and out-of-State moving services from and/or to Olney.

Moving help around Olney – With or without a vehicle

Are you only looking for movers without a truck? Or do you actually need movers with a truck near Olney?

Looking for local movers to help to move a mansion? Or maybe it’s only a single item that you need to have moved?

Whatever it is, we’d love to help! We have great rates for moving from Olney Maryland to Florida!

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Packing services in Olney MD – Packers Olney Maryland

Our expert packers have easily helped more than a thousand families around Olney pack their household goods successfully. Our Olney packing services include all packing supplies at NO additional charge!

Movers On Duty also offers commercial packing services in the Olney area for businesses and organizations. For local, long-distance, and even international moving.

We make moving from anywhere to anywhere in Olney as easy and simple as calling us to let us manage your whole move.

We will take care of everything for you. Consider it already done!

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Piano moving services Olney Maryland

Our professional Olney piano movers can move all kinds of pianos. Size and weight don’t matter.

We have been successfully moving pianos in Olney for more than 12 years and counting. From uprights to concert grand pianos.

Please, let us take care of your piano. We assure you that we will.

Piano frequently asked questions

Junk removal in Olney Maryland and surrounding areas

Yes, we do offer junk removal in Olney Maryland as well.

We invite you to visit our junk removal page to learn how we are better than the rest of the moving companies offering junk removal services in Olney.

Let us help you NOT pollute the environment! We will actually recycle and/or donate your junk.

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Evictions in Olney Maryland

Did the Sheriff already give you the date for the eviction? Do you know the number of movers requested by the Sheriff’s department? We can easily help you move the tenants’ stuff out of your property but we will need that information first.

Please, call (301) 512-5012 for an EXACT PRICE QUOTE.

We have so much experience evicting people in Olney Maryland that we will actually save you money and time. But on top of that and most importantly, we will give you peace of mind.


How many people are required for evictions in Olney?

You must check directly with the Montgomery County Sheriff to see how many eviction movers he wants you to have on-site the day of the eviction. But usually a moving crew of at least:

  • 10 people are required for a 1-2 bedroom apartment
  • 10-12 people for a 3 bedroom apartment
  • 10-12 people for a townhouse
  • 12-15 people for a single-family home
  • 15-25 people for a retail business
  • And any necessary moving equipment.
    * More people may be required depending on the size, location, and nature of the property.

We offer strong Montgomery county eviction movers and extremely fast packers to empty the property within the requested timeframe (Sheriffs usually want us to get the whole job done within 60 – 90 minutes).

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Where will the tenant’s stuff go? How do evictions work in Olney?

In Olney, everything must go out to the curb. Although you must check with the Sheriff directly, but the tenant usually gets 24 hours to pick up the stuff.

After that, the trash truck can take whatever is left. Or you can call a junk removal company to handle this for you if you don’t want to wait.


Olney Eviction Movers – Things you MUST know!

Evicting a tenant can be really hard but property managers and landlords know exactly who to contact if eviction moving help in Olney is required.

The Movers On Duty team understands that as a landlord you are going through something you simply don’t deserve. You haven’t received your rent and on top of that, you have to hire an attorney and movers to evict this bad tenant. So, we want to help you:

  • Feel free to cancel your reservation the night before if you have to. There are NO CANCELLATION FEES.
  • We will give you an all-inclusive exact price quote. (Deposit is not required to book)
  • Price includes heavy-duty trash bags, movers, and hand-trucks. (Truck if required)
  • Our professional movers will not scratch doors, walls, or floors.
  • We always arrive 15 – 20 minutes before the scheduled time.

Professional eviction moving services in Olney MD

Please Visit our About Us page to learn more about our insurance and compliance information.

Our awesome Olney eviction movers have more than a decade of experience serving MoCo.

With the years, we have learned that each county handles things differently. So, please contact us directly to find out more details and to have the best eviction movers serving Olney by your side!

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