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International Moving Help – International moving services

There are many international moving companies and many international moving service providers in the area.

But do they really know what they are doing? Do they even have the right connections to help you successfully move internationally?

We know all the right people in all the right places to help you ship items internationally.

international moving

International Moving Company – International Moving Service

We work with the best international moving companies in the world to help you move internationally as easily as when we help people move locally or long-distance in the United States.

We offer Shipping Solutions Worldwide. Open 7 days a week. And we offer FREE international moving estimates.

Our International relocation services are second to none. International moving has never been easier.

An international moving company with good reviews

International moving help. 365 days per year. We are the best international moving company in Maryland!

international moving services

International move – International relocation

Door-to-door international moving company offering cheap international moving services. Located in Maryland and serving Washington DC as well as Virginia.

International moving companies’ cost-effective ways to do business will help you SAVE MONEY on International moves and relocations outside the Country.

Our international movers’ network allows us to help you move anywhere internationally with ease.

Packing help for an international move – How to pack household goods safely for an overseas move?

If you also need help packing the boxes, our international packing crews can help and we can provide all the packing supplies.

We always use strong boxes to pack, bubble wrap and wrapping/packing paper to protect fragile items.

We make boxes for paintings, picture frames, mirrors, glass, and even TVs if you don’t have the original box.

International moving boxes
International moving boxes

What do you use to wrap furniture when moving internationally?

  • Bubble wrap
  • Blankets
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Corrugated cardboard sheets
  • Cushioning supplies
  • Furniture covers
  • Kraft-backed bubble roll
  • Plastic stretch wrap
  • Labeling stickers for fragile items or boxes
  • And we’ll even do the inventory for you

How to prepare to move internationally?

Read how to prepare to move internationally and how to move to another Country.

What can you move internationally?

For international moves, 20ft and 40ft containers are used. We can help you load a container and we can help you unload it.

International movers can move most items. But your moving to / destination Country’s restrictions will have to be considered. Our international moving specialists will give you all the details, once we have received all your info.

international moving companies

International moving services provided:

We offer a wide range of overseas shipping services that cater to embassies, companies, and individuals from the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area to around the globe. We bring a wealth of experience to the table.

  • OVERSEAS MOVES – We are an experienced team of professionals available to help you in every stage of your relocation, from the initial estimate to the final safe arrival of your belongings at your new location.
  • IMPORT/ DESTINATION SERVICES – For many years, we have worked with other trusted agents around the world and can help you to relocate anywhere in the United States as well.
  • EQUIPMENT, TRUCK, AND CAR SHIPPING – Whether you are sending your car or vehicle across the country or around the world, we can provide professional, safe, and secure shipment for your vehicle.
  • COMPLETE CUSTOMS AND DOCUMENTATION SERVICES – Yes, we can do this too! We have extensive experience in freight forwarding, customs clearance, and full documentation services.
  • INSURANCE – We always do everything we can to ensure a safe journey for your belongings, but unfortunately there are times when things can occur beyond our control. It is for this reason, that we highly encourage our clients to purchase our Full Coverage Insurance plan. We work with a highly regarded insurance company with competitive rates and unsurpassed personal service in the event a claim needs to be filed.
  • COMMERCIAL SERVICES – We have a specialized team of professionals to help your company or charitable organization with all of your shipping needs. In the past, we have provided shipping services for Catholic and other religious charities, as well as businesses, and major corporations to destinations all over the world. Planning the most cost-effective and time-sensitive arrangements to protect the business’ assets. Even accommodating needs outside of typical business hours – on weekends or overnight.
  • OFFICE MOVING, SPECIALIZED LOCAL MOVES – We do provide local moving services to families, companies, and embassies. Rely on us to deliver wherever and whenever you need to relocate. We also offer long-distance moving services within the United States.

International Moving Companies USA to Europe – USA to EU international moving Company

Shipping Solutions Worldwide Inc. is an international moving company established in 1981 with more than 39 years of international moving experience.

Family-owned and operated. And we pride ourselves on bringing you the utmost professional service. We recently moved an embassy down the road, companies across the country, and families around the globe.

We provide secure and reliable services to embassies, companies, and individuals moving from the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area in the United States to many countries across the globe. We have one of the largest networks of international shipping agents/companies at our disposal.

international moving services

Moving to Europe from the US and from the EU to the USA has never been easier.

European regions we can move you from and to:

Northern Europe includes Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Western Europe includes Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Southern Europe includes Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, and Spain.

Eastern Europe includes Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, and Yugoslavia.

International shipping companies USA to Canada

Shipping items or moving north? You have found the best international moving specialists. We can easily help!

And to be honest we love doing business with Canada. If you need help moving from the United States to Canada or relocating from Canada to the US, please, contact us. You will love our movers. (Even if you are only doing a single-item move)

International Moving Companies USA to UK

Planning on moving from the United States to the United Kingdom? Or maybe you need to move from the UK to the US?

We can help in every step of the way when shipping your belongings from the US to the UK. We can help you get a shipping container, we can load it and then unload it for you.

International removals. We will ship your household goods and personal effects from the USA to the UK. Or from the United Kingdom to the United States of America.


International moving to and from Australia

When moving to Australia, our international movers do thorough research, preparation, and get in contact with qualified overseas shippers. In order to ensure that your goods will arrive safely.

No matter where you are located within the US or wherever you are moving to in Australia. We can help. And if you are moving from Australia to the US, we can also help.

There are many benefits of moving to Australia. International shipping from the USA to Australia usually takes about 14 days. And it takes approximately the same time to move from Australia to the United States.

Overseas Moving Services – Moving to Mexico, The Caribbean, and South America

Need help moving to Mexico? We can help with the movers and the truck(s) and maybe this article can help with the rest: How to move to Mexico

Compañia de mudanzas internacionales USA Mexico – Mexico USA shipping – International moving company that ships to Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America.

Ofrecemos fletes, paqueteria y mudanzas de Estados Unidos a Mexico. Porque nosotros sabemos como llevar cosas a Mexico muy bien.

Somos la mejor agencia de envio de furgones, autos, carros, camionetas, camiones y equipo a cualquier lugar del mundo. Enviamos vehiculos desde Washington DC, Maryland y Virginia.

Envios de cajas y electrodomesticos a Cuba, Republica Dominicana, a El Salvador, Belice, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Guyana y Surinam.

Quiere saber cuanto cuesta una mudanza de Estados Unidos a Republica Dominicana?

O Quiere saber cuanto cobra una empresa para enviar cosas fuera del pais?


How much does international moving cost?

The question we hear the most is: How can I move internationally cheap?

And the answer is that there are many factors that affect the price of an international relocation. The inventory, the services requested, the documentation, and even the required paperwork all affect it directly.

Here are 7 tips for moving internationally for cheap.

Contact us to learn how much it costs to ship a box internationally or your whole house or office. We are the cheapest way to send packages internationally.


International movers – How do I ship my belongings to another Country?

The cheapest and best way to ship internationally is by transporting your belongings via sea freight. We’ll send a container to your home, our movers will help you load the container and we can help you unload the container at your destination.

This will be so easy that you won’t have any doubts that it is definitely worth it to move your stuff overseas.

11 Top Tips for Moving Overseas Cheaply

International Vehicle Shipping – Overseas car importers and exporters

Shipping your vehicle to The United States or from the United States to another country?

Our international vehicle importers can help you bring a vehicle while our overseas car exporters can help you ship your vehicle to another Country.

We know all the requirements for shipping a car overseas. We work with the best international shipping companies near you.

International car shipping companies to Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, and Central/South America.

international car shipping companies

How long does it take to ship a car to Europe?

It only takes about 10 days actually. The cost to ship a car overseas varies based on the size of the car, condition, and final destination. Its proximity to the shipping terminal, will also play a big part.

We also offer whole containers, where 3 or 4 cars can be transported at once.

Container Car Shipping

Container shipping is by all means the most cost-effective and common way to ship a vehicle to Europe and other continents.

Is it worth it to ship a car?

In short, if you own a high-value car then yes, it is. Older models, unless they hold sentimental value might not be a good investment when it comes to shipping them internationally.

Transit times usually vary from 7 days on the water, towards up to 60 days depending on the exact destination.


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