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Simplify Your Piano Move with Movers On Duty and Rent our Grand Piano Skid Board

Piano Moving Board Rental in Montgomery County Maryland

As the best piano transporters in Maryland, we know that moving a piano requires careful planning and specialized equipment to ensure its safety throughout the process. Renting a piano board is the best and smartest thing you can do when moving a heavy piano yourself.

At Movers On Duty, we understand the unique challenges of piano moving which is why we offer professional piano moving services in case you’d rather have professionals take care of it for you.

But in addition to our comprehensive piano moving help, we also provide the option to rent our high-quality Grand Piano Skid Board, a reliable and efficient solution for piano transportation:

piano board rental maryland

Simplify Your Move with our Grand Piano Skid Board Rental

When it comes to moving a piano, having the right equipment can make all the difference. That’s why we offer our Grand Piano Skid Board for rent, providing you with a convenient and cost-effective solution for your piano move.

Our Grand Piano Skid Board is specifically designed to secure and stabilize pianos during transportation, reducing the risk of damage.

piano board rental maryland

Where to rent a piano skid board from in Maryland?

Movers On Duty rents piano boards in Montgomery County Maryland.

We might even be able to bring the rental piano skid board to you.

Piano board for moving baby grand pianos and uprights!

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Reliable and Efficient Piano Transportation – Renting a Piano Board

Our Grand Piano Skid Board features a sturdy construction and protective padding, ensuring that your piano remains safe and secure throughout the move.

It is designed to evenly distribute the weight of the piano, reducing strain on the instrument and minimizing the risk of structural damage.

With our rental option, you can confidently transport your piano without the need for additional equipment or professional movers.

piano board rental montgomery county maryland

Rent our piano board for only $150 per day!

Don’t forget to read our piano moving frequently asked questions!


Do you need professional help moving your heavy piano?

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