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Light demolition services in Maryland – Debris Hauling

Demolition help, debris hauling services, and more…

Instead of trying to find someone to do some light demolition work and then trying to find someone else who will take away all the leftover debris, just leave it all up to us.

We offer light demolition services and debris hauling.

Please check our excellent light demolition and hauling services reviews by clicking on the pictures below:

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Full-service light demolition company

Letting us manage your light demolition needs not only makes your job easier but also takes away all the unnecessary stress that comes along with it.

We even offer furniture and junk removal services.

Hiring us to manage your light demolition project is also a great way to cut out the middleman on your household projects. And who doesn’t like saving money, right?

light demolition company

Commercial and residential demolition services cost and terms

If you’re looking to take down an old deck, rip out a shower, take down some cabinets, or demolish any room in your home, then Movers On Duty is the best business partner you could have ever found.

We will work with your budget, we understand how important this can be for your business or your personal life.

Let us help you get things done. We got the muscles, the brains, and the will to work.

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Light demolition companies

Our light demolition team members are awesome, super-friendly dudes that aren’t scared of breaking a sweat.

Hard-work is our last name.

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Residential, commercial, and office demolition

From removing drywall and old office furniture to property cleanout services, our team will cover all the physical labor needed for a successful commercial demolition.

Don’t waste your valuable time struggling to remove built-in furniture, tear down cabinets, or demolition any room in your home office or commercial property.

We’d love to be the solution to all your commercial and office demolition needs. And your light residential demolition and debris removal specialists.

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What Types of Demolition Do We Do?


light demolition

We can be the solution you need for straightforward demolition and disposal of your outdoor structures as well.

All you need to do is let us know what you want us to demolish, and we’ll take care of the rest.

To successfully remove a structure from your property, we will provide specialized equipment, important skills, and prior experience working in demolition.

In addition to this, we will need to devise the most affordable method for transporting and getting rid of the scrap.

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What do we consider a light demolition?

This could be dismantling and removing an old deck, playground, hot tub, or even a shed.

Maybe you are upgrading your kitchen cabinets and you want to save some money by removing the cabinets yourself. We can be in your corner.

We can do it all!

Deck Demolition and Removal

Think about this: Your deck has started to develop structural issues, it could be a very serious problem if it were to get someone injured.

Not only would whatever injury the person sustains be unfortunate, but you could also be liable, so it’s important that you get your old deck dismantled and removed before you find out how much more expensive it can be to leave it as is.

Playground Demo

Has your playground fallen into a state of disrepair, or have you simply outgrown your need for a playground?

We’ll take the playground apart and remove it, leaving you a clean and tidy empty space.

Hot Tub Demolition and removal

Removing an old hot tub can be difficult and stressful.

This is simply a process that is too difficult for most homeowners to do themselves, so if you need a hot tub removed, you can let our experts handle it.

Above Ground Pool Removal

Have the kids outgrown your above-ground pool? Is it in a state of disrepair? Or perhaps you are just tired of it taking up space in your yard? Whatever the reason, we offer full-service above-ground pool removals – from draining the water, to safely dismantling it to hauling it away. We do all the work for you!

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