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Junk Hauling Services  – Furniture removal

We specialize in relocating homes but if removing unwanted junk is required, we can still help. We’ll do all the work so you don’t have to!

Ordering a dumpster is usually one of the most environmentally unfriendly ways to dispose of rubbish. Furniture, appliances, and paper can all be recycled. To treat it as co-mingled garbage only fills the landfills with unnecessary waste. Movers on Duty will take these items to facilities that will either reuse or recycle them. Whatever can’t be recycled, we’ll find a good use for.

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How Does the Junk Removal Process Work?

If you’ve never requested junk removal before, learning a few of the basics can greatly simplify your experience.

  • 1) Call Movers on Duty and discuss the type and amount of junk you need picked up
  • 2) We may be able to give you a fast estimate over the phone for one or a few items that need to be removed. More than a few items typically requires a free, no-obligation, on-site estimate to accurately determine the amount of your junk.
  • 3) If you are satisfied that the price is fair, we will load and haul away your debris on the spot. Otherwise, we will happily be on our way at no cost to you.

What Kind of Junk is Generally Accepted by Junk Removal Companies near me?

Every junk hauling service is different, so it’s important to talk directly to you local trash hauler to discuss exactly what type of debris they will remove and haul away. Most junk removers in Gaithersburg will pick up and remove almost anything. From construction debris to home appliances, to yard waste. Type’s of junk that most junk removal companies will accept:

  • old furniture removal
  • mattresses
  • appliance removal
  • electronics removal
  • bulk trash removal
  • household junk
  • sheds
  • playsets
  • carpeting
  • scrap wood
  • scrap metal
  • concrete
  • construction waste

What Kind of Junk is Generally Not Accepted by Junk Removal Companies?

The list below is general in nature and not specific to any one junk removal service in particular.

The following hazardous waste materials are not accepted by most junk hauling companies:

  • explosives
  • chemicals
  • paint (dry cans only)
  • scrap tires
  • equipment with gas, oil, or freon
  • biohazard / medical waste
  • asbestos or PCB