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Local cheap movers are really easy to find, what’s hard to find is a reputable moving company with trained professional movers offering affordable rates and no hidden fees or surprises.

We all know that moving can be expensive but it really doesn’t have to be. If you remove the middleman and find cheap movers with great reviews (like us).

Please, feel free to visit our BBB profile below or simply google Movers On Duty to read our online reviews. You will notice, many people mentioning how much money they saved with us and all our money-saving tips.

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Tip #1: Stop looking for a cheap moving company and learn how to save money when moving

Many people make the mistake of only focusing on finding the cheapest movers they can find and as the saying goes “They get what they pay for”.

The last thing you need is a couple of crackheads pretending to be movers showing up with a pickup truck, ready to steal from you. Which if you’re lucky will only manage to break your TV. (If they even deliver it)

So, please remember that skilled moving labor isn’t cheap and cheap labor isn’t skilled…

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What if they’re not just bad movers? Can extremely cheap movers also be scammers?

Yes, absolutely. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is.

This is why doing your due diligence is always important before hiring movers. Check online reviews, make sure the movers are BBB accredited, and check what past customers have to say about them before booking your move.

Moving scams are on the rise, don’t just take our word for it. This Facebook group is dedicated to the subject: Moving company scams

This has even been on the news:

Is it ok to hire movers from craigslist?

We definitely wouldn’t recommend doing that. This is usually what happens when you hire random people instead of seasoned movers:


So, how can you save money when moving? What is the cheapest option for moving?

Well, there are many possible ways. So, let’s start:

Hire Movers On Duty. But before you we can move you, you will want to pack your own boxes (if you’re really trying to save money that is). Packing takes a while and packing supplies aren’t cheap. Unless you get them for free (More on that in a second).

If you decide to hire professional packing services, make sure the company you hire provides all the packing supplies at no additional charge. Just like we do, when you allow us to help you pack, we provide all the boxes, tape, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, labeling stickers, etc.

That way you don’t have to worry about additional charges.

FYI in case, you decide to do your own packing but prefer new boxes:

moving boxes for sale

If not, then here are some ways you can score some free packing supplies:

  • Go on Craigslist and check the “free” section or make a post under the “wanted” section. There is always someone who recently moved to your area trying to get rid of their used moving boxes and supplies. Apps like Freecycle, LetGo, and OfferUp are also great for this purpose.
  • Visit your local recycling center, grocery stores (egg boxes), liquor stores, auto supply stores, and even retail giants. They all have the same headache when it comes to getting rid of boxes, they’d love to let you have them.
  • Consider reusing your old Amazon boxes. There’s no sense in buying packing materials if you already have some.
  • Use suitcases to pack your clothes. Suitcases are great for packing items like books and other bulky items. Since they have wheels and are quite small, putting heavier items inside is also a great idea.


cheapest way to move

Determine what you are going to keep, donate, or sell before you start packing

Go through your home before you start packing. If you haven’t used something in years, you most likely will not use it at the new place. Why pay the movers to move it??

This applies to everything at home, from clothes to furniture.

Once you know exactly what you’re taking, then start packing. If you label the boxes according to the room where you will want them at the new place, the movers will be able to place them in their respective rooms for you. That way, you won’t have to be moving boxes around after the movers leave.

If you will be donating furniture or other household goods, remember to ask for a donation receipt so you can claim your tax deduction!

What else would save you money when planning a move? What is the cheapest day to hire movers?

If you have some flexibility on your schedule, move in winter, the middle of the week, or the middle of the month. Ask your movers what day(s) would work better for them and you’ll certainly get a better deal.

Most people move during late spring, summer, and early fall. So, it is a smart idea to plan your move during the off-season. It is always cheaper.


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Why settle for cheap movers when you can simply help?

Are you moving locally? Then drive small items to the new place yourself. Transporting lighter items or fragile stuff on foot or using a bicycle saves you more money than you might think.

If the movers don’t have to pack it or wrap it, you save money. If they don’t have to move it, you save even more. And that way you can also make sure it arrives safely.

Some people move their own TVs when they fit in their car. This is how we recommend that you protect your TV if you don’t have its original box.

You can also protect your furniture before the movers arrive to save some money but we’d recommend letting our movers handle that for you. (We do not charge extra for this service)

how to save money when moving

Disassemble beds before the movers arrive – And reassemble them yourself

This applies to cribs as well. Or any other furniture item you already know that might need to be dismantled before it gets moved.

Exercise equipment might be best left for the movers to handle. But everything else that might only require a screwdriver should be fair game if you are serious about saving money.

Some moving companies charge extra per item they disassemble. We don’t, just so you know. But most of them do, some of them are not even upfront about it and will wait until moving day to mention the additional fees.

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The cheapest way to move is to pack and unpack yourself

Looking for the cheapest moving company online won’t save you money. Do your own packing and unpacking of the boxes if you are really trying to save money.

When packing the boxes, it is always a smart idea to nest smaller items inside larger items to save money on moving boxes. Use your own blankets, linens, towels, and rags as packing materials instead of buying packing supplies.

Let the movers only handle the actual moving. You can hire cheap movers with a truck or just movers without a truck if you’re planning on renting a truck that you’re planning on driving or if you’re getting a PODS delivered.

For more money-saving packing and moving tips, please, feel free to visit our FAQ or our moving tips page.

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Tip #3: Be ready when the movers show up

One of the main things you can do when wanting to save on the cost of a move is to be ready for the movers.

Local moves are usually charged by the hour, so if you’re not all packed up and ready to go, or if the hallways are being blocked by stuff, it will take the movers longer to move your items.

The more organized and ready you are for the moving company the better.

Please consider these suggestions:

  • Each room should have furniture and boxes, that’s pretty much it. Boxes should be labeled correctly on the sides/top so movers know exactly which room they will go in at the new location.
  • Consider staging boxes in the garage if possible, since they will be the first things loaded onto the truck. The more items you stage in the garage or in a place that is easily accessible to the moving truck, the faster the movers can load them.
  • Keep a clear path – Movers will most likely take the large furniture next. Make sure all the furniture has a clear path to where they will be parking the truck.
  • Have great communication with your crew. Your moving crew leader will contact you when on their way to you.
  • Be there on moving day. If you’re not there to answer the questions the movers might have about where things go and what the plan is, it is likely it will take more time and cost more money.

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Tip #4: Contact your utility, internet, and cable providers

Double paying for your rent or mortgage, utilities, internet, and/or cable at two separate locations is going to cost you, so avoid this if you can.

Try your best to align begin and end dates for accounts, which usually means calling your provider and discussing proration. Additionally, take advantage of new account specials offered by internet and cable companies in your area, and speak with utility companies about waiving installation/activation fees.

They might just waive these costs if you can demonstrate a history of timely payments elsewhere, or if you’ve been a longtime customer.

Some utility companies won’t prorate your bill as of your departure date, so if your billing cycle doesn’t line up with your moving date, consider cutting off your service early so you’re not paying for an extra month. Yes, you can survive without cable for a week or two. No, you probably don’t want to try this with electricity.

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Tip #5: Ask your employer to help you out

One of the best tips for lowering your moving expenses is to talk to reach out to your company. If you are moving for work, there is a good chance that they will help cover the cost of the move.

It is definitely worth asking to see what your company’s moving policy is. Even if they don’t cover the total cost, they might at least cover part of it.

Depending on how much they are willing to pay for moving costs you could afford to hire professionals to do everything for you—packing, transporting, and maybe even unpacking.

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Tip #6: Consider renting a truck and driving yourself to save money

This might not be the best option if you’re only moving locally. But if you are moving out of state and don’t mind doing all the driving yourself then renting a truck will absolutely save you money.

We can help arrange movers without a truck at both ends for you. This is the cheapest way to move.

As a matter of fact, here is a 20% discount to get you started on the savings:

save on moving

Tip #7: Read your moving contract carefully before signing it

You’ve decided which professional moving company you’re going to hire, now make sure to take a long, hard look at the movers’ contract. Examine and consider your insurance and liability options carefully.

If your move is local, you may need to also determine whether to opt for an hourly rate or a flat rate. In our experience, the hourly rate usually ended up costing less. However, keep in mind that moving day often comes with surprising complications (like unpredictable weather) that can drag the day out.

If you feel that your move could take a long time, the flat rate option may be right for you. Also, take a look at the extra fees and add-ons attached to your estimate to make sure you’re not being overcharged for something you don’t even need.


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