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Property cleanout

Property cleanout services – Full property cleanouts

Estate, foreclosure, house, condo, and commercial property cleanout services

We specialize in property cleanouts, eviction moving, and junk removal/hauling services. Because we love helping homeowners and real estate agents get their properties ready for remodeling and sale.

We offer residential and commercial cleanout services in Maryland, northern Virginia, and Washington DC.

property cleanout

We are property cleanout experts with years of experience

From sheds, small condos, or workshops to large offices or industrial warehouses, we can clean out your commercial property and if you don’t have a dumpster on-site, we can even provide a truck to remove all unwanted items.

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What is a House/Estate/Property cleanout?

A house cleanout is the complete removal of all appliances, furniture, kitchenware, electronics, all clothing, and other miscellaneous items left behind in a home that has become vacant.

Though the name itself is self-explanatory, there is a clear difference between a ‘house cleanout’ and an ‘estate cleanout’. A ‘house cleanout’ follows the previous definition and is often done when a house’s inhabitants are moving to a new home, renovating it entirely, or any other reason one might have to completely clear out their house.

An ‘estate cleanout’ is a bit different, in that it often involves certain unfortunate circumstances, such as a divorce or the homeowner passing away. In an estate cleanout, the agent, the homeowner, or a relative of theirs, removes any and all assets from their home in order to potentially sell and liquidate, or split amongst inheritors.

property cleanout services

Estate cleanout companies – Property management cleanout

Types of cleanout services:

At Movers On Duty, we take care of a variety of property cleanouts, including garage cleanouts, attic cleanouts, sheds, basement cleanouts, industrial space cleanouts, and estate cleanouts. A team of trained professional movers handles all our cleanout services.

We offer residential clean-out services and commercial property clean-out services.

Our estate clean-out services help you get rid of unwanted items when you’ve sorted through the belongings of a loved one who has passed away. We handle these cleanout projects with compassion and professionalism.

A few of our residential cleanout services include estate cleanout, garage cleanout, attic storage cleanout. We also haul off unwanted appliances such as televisions and fridges, recycle unwanted trash, and dispose of mattresses, box springs, and other bulky items that can’t go in the regular dumpster.

If moving your business to a new office or warehouse, you might have some unwanted junk/furniture that you need to dispose of from your old place, or the previous tenant may have left you with a load of waste that needs to be removed before you can move in.

property cleanout companies

Our company provides a range of clean-out services to customers in Maryland, Virginia, and throughout the greater Washington DC metro area.

We offer the following property cleanout services:

  • Estate Clean-Outs—Helpful after the death of a loved one (We understand that the mere thought of clearing out a family member’s estate is overwhelming. It can be upsetting trying to sort through an entire house full of memories of a deceased loved one) This is why we also offer professional packing services in case you want to keep some of the items.
  • Whole house Clean-Outs—Used for foreclosed homes and when preparing a home for resale
  • Garage/Sheds Clean-Outs—Partial service used to declutter garages or sheds
  • Attic Clean-Outs—Partial service used to sort and organize a lifetime of clutter
  • Basement Clean-Outs—Partial service to clear out your basement

How can I empty my house quickly?

How can I empty my house quickly? How do I clean a house for sale?

It is really simple. Just contact us! We’ll do all the heavy-lifting so you don’t have to.

We proudly offer cleanout services for real estate agents, property managers, and landlords.

Just let us know what you need to have done (and when), we assure you that we will take care of it.

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