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Labor only movers | Movers without truck | Movers only

Labor-only movers – Movers without a truck

Moving labor providers are perfect for when you need movers only!

Looking for professional movers only? We can definitely help if you only need movers without a truck.

Our professional labor-only moving help is offered in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC, for when you need movers but not a truck.

You will love our labor-only movers!

Where to hire only movers

Where to hire only movers in Maryland? Movers without a truck MD

Movers On Duty is certainly the best moving company for labor-only moving jobs. The movers will show up without a truck, but they will have the muscles, the dollies, and the tools to do the job.

We can also bring the packing/wrapping supplies if we’re helping you pack.

Our professional movers only need to know where to be and when. They will show up on time and gladly help you move your boxes, furniture, or anything else you may need help with.

labor only movers

Help loading or unloading a Uhaul truck – Truck rental loading help

When professional loading help is needed, trust the best moving crew in town to load your Uhaul truck! Or any other rental truck.

Besides offering rental truck driving services, we also offer loading and unloading services in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC.

help loading uhaul truck

This is how we load the trucks.

We can help you load your Uhaul truck or trailer. Any truck or container for that matter.

help loading a uhaul

Need Uhaul loading help?

Does Uhaul have movers for hire?

No, Uhaul does not have movers. But if you rent a truck from Uhaul, we can help you load and unload the truck, too. (We might also be able to help you drive it if you ask nicely)

You can hire movers from us without a truck every day of the week. So, feel free to contact us anytime if you need movers but no truck!

cheap movers to load uhaul

–> Uhaul unloading help <–

movers no truck

In-home relocation – Labor-only moving services- Same building moving – Load or unload rented moving truck

Our experienced local movers can help you move things around your home. They can help you relocate from one apartment to another in the same building, but they can also help you load or unload your truck/container if that is all the moving help you need.

Either way, we will always come prepared. We have dollies, hand trucks, and even blankets to ensure your move goes as smoothly as it should.

And we mean it! Don’t hesitate to contact us even if you are only moving from one floor to another in the same building. Single item moves or a whole apartment move, we can help!

labor only movers Maryland

movers only

Only movers – Labor only move – Movers no truck – PODS moving help

Not only are we licensed, insured, and bonded, but We are also a Better Business Bureau accredited commercial and residential moving company with an A+ rating.

Our rates are not by the hour. Instead, we charge you for the job (because we are too good and too fast to charge by the hour).


labor only movers

In-Home moving services, hiring movers only without a truck (movers no truck needed).

Do you need help moving a particularly large item, such as a piano, a gun safe, a dresser, or a large piece of furniture at home? Need to hire movers for a washer and dryer move? Or do you need help moving furniture inside your storage unit?

Our movers can help you get it wherever you want it to go. Whatever it is…

If you’re not sure how to move your shed from one part of your yard to the other side, we can help!

Call us for a prompt quote

need movers but no truck

What is a furniture mover called?

The best furniture moving company in the area is called Movers On Duty!

will a moving company move one piece of furniture?

Need a sofa moved to the next room or upstairs / downstairs?

We can get the job done, correctly and at the right price. So, please contact us. Especially if you only need furniture movers in Maryland, Northern Virginia, or Washington D.C.

movers but no truck

How much does it cost to move a couch?

The exact date, type of sofa, as well as the pick-up and delivery locations, will all affect the actual price.

Moving a sofa from one State to another State will cost more depending on the exact distance.

move one item of furniture

Flat rate moving labor services – Labor only service – Professional movers only – Hire movers to move furniture

When only movers are required, Movers On Duty is certainly the best company to contact. Our certified professional movers can help you load or unload your belongings in a fraction of the time it would take other movers.

This is because we are trained by the best in the industry and because we honestly believe that a company’s success should not be made by overcharging their clients. Instead, growth should be encouraged by working hard, investing in the right equipment, and hiring trained educated professionals.

We strive for our prices to be as competitive and appealing as possible without compromising attention to detail or quality. Because we would like to be your movers for many years to come we pledge to keep our prices highly competitive, giving you a reliable name to refer back to for your future relocation needs.

P.S. If you are moving out and you need packing help. WE GOT YOU covered:

movers only no truck

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Inside movers – In-home movers – Help moving things inside the house

After a decade of helping people move from the east coast to the west coast, we have now decided to also help people move things inside their homes. When a truck isn’t needed, you can count on our muscles to make it work.

We are the best in home furniture movers in town! Call us if you only need help moving one piece of furniture, if you need help moving furniture upstairs, or if you simply want to move furniture in the existing home.

furniture movers dc

Help moving furniture inside the house – Movers by the hour or by the job

Home staging? We can help!

Getting rid of unwanted furniture before getting new ones? We can also help!

Just moving things around? No problem!

Wherever and whenever muscles are needed, we will be there to make it happen. Just sit back, relax, and let us get the backache.

moving labor websites

We are the moving labor websites’ favorite movers!

Moving labor websites always recommend us and try to feature our profile.

They know that we know what we are doing and that we take good care of our clients and their possessions.

Truck loading experts – Movers that can pack a truck

Our movers are truck-loading experts! They can pack a truck as if they’re playing Tetris!

You can also hire us to drive your rented truck.

truck loading experts

If you only need moving help moving furniture, you have found the correct company.

Furniture moving services. Hire movers for a day or hire movers by the hour. You can hire our movers for 1 hour or for 2 hours or just to help you move 1 thing. We also offer movers with a truck in case you need one.

Labor only moving help without a truck. When moving help by the hour near you is needed.

Need movers but no truck? We have moving helpers without a truck available to help!

Truck loading help

Truck unloading help

Moving labor only near me – Moving labor-only movers – Uhaul movers

We offer movers with a truck and just movers without the truck for your convenience.

If you are getting a commercial or residential truck or moving container, we can help you load it (and/or unload as well).

Our Uhaul movers near me no truck are highly rated and they can drive your vehicle for you if you need help with that as well.

Penske truck loading help

Penske truck unloading help

Moving labor near me – Find help moving – Moving helper

Budget truck loading help

Budget truck unloading help

Moving labor Only – Only moving labor – Labor only moving services

Container loading help

Container unloading help

Hire movers for 2 hours – Hire movers to move furniture

Hire movers for 2 or 8 hours. We have no minimum hours required.

If you only need in-home room to room movers, we can help. We handle small moves from single item moves like refrigerator moves to mansion moving services.

Even if it is only one item that needs to be moved. We are furniture movers but we can help you move your safe from one room to another or from one floor to another one, too.

If appliance movers, furniture movers, piano movers, or safe movers are what you are looking for; then you have found the correct company.

Helpers to move when you need help moving!

Our helpers will make your move seem easy. Well trained movers make the difference.

PODS loading help

PODS unloading help

Moving help labor only – Moving companies labor only

PackRat loading help

PackRat unloading help

Moving labor services – Moving labor websites – Need help moving furniture?

In-home furniture movers can help move furniture inside your home from one corner to the other or from a room to another one on another floor. We can handle small furniture as well as bulky and heavy furniture.

We can move one item of furniture or every single item in your home. We love helping!

We are cheap furniture movers that can help with furniture moving any day of the week.

Can I hire movers just to load a truck?

Yes, you absolutely can and should!

Let our professional movers take care of all the heavy lifting. And please allow us to properly load the truck.

We will make sure everything is secured. So, nothing will move. No need to worry about nicks, dings, or scratches.

Rental truck loading help

Rental truck unloading help

Moving labor services – Moving labor help – Moving labor by the hour

Loading moving help

Unloading moving help

movers only

Moving labor websites – Professional moving labor

There are many moving labor websites online. But why risk it?

Instead of using third party labor companies. Contact moving companies directly and hire movers from them.

Professional moving labor might sound a little more expensive but in reality, trained professional movers will save you time and money. Because our movers know what they are doing. they won’t be wasting time and they won’t damage your belongings.

Loading help for international relocations – Shipping Container Loading – Shipping Container Unloading

Do you need loading help for an international move? We can certainly help to load your container. Just Google “International movers Gaithersburg Maryland” to see who Google recommends!

Furniture will be properly wrapped, protected, inventoried, moved, loaded, and strapped/tied up.

We will make sure it gets to its destination safely. Our shipping container loading help is available seven days a week.

labor only movers

labor only movers near me

movers by the hour


Only areas of service: Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC

We provide trained moving labor help. Not just people but professional movers.

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