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White-glove moving service by Movers On Duty

Professional white-glove movers serving Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC

Imagine the convenience of being able to come home from work to find your entire house packed up, all your furniture protected and ready to be moved…

No need to worry about packing boxes, or disassembling beds or tables, and most importantly, there is absolutely no need for you to worry about the move.

We will manage every aspect of the move for you, allowing you to relax or keep taking care of what you have to do.

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White-Glove Moving Services that exceed expectations

Movers On Duty has become the standard by which other moving and storage companies are measured.

We are a white-glove moving company offering tenured and highly trained staff. So, your move can be handled smoothly and professionally by the best and most skilled movers in town.

Movers On Duty has earned its reputation as one of the finest independently owned and operated white-glove movers in the industry for a reason: Our company was built on the philosophy that every customer and every single move is the most important one.

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Competitive pricing – White Glove Moving Company

From the first phone call until the last box is unpacked. You will love how our efficient movers do things!

Our white-glove moving services include absolutely everything. When you hire us to pack for you, for example, we bring all the best packing supplies and boxes. Even special boxes designed for your clothes hanging in closets are called wardrobe boxes.

We protect all your furniture. Wooden furniture will be blanket-wrapped, mirrors/paintings will be bubble-wrapped and boxed up, and the mattresses will be plastic-wrapped. Learn more about how your furniture will be protected.


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Highly-rated White-glove movers

You deserve trusted, experienced, licensed, and professional white-glove movers who know what your needs are, even before you ask.

With over 12 years of providing the highest quality packing, moving, unpacking, and junk removal services at competitive prices, we know how to relocate households in the smoothest possible way.

Starting with the protection of your home:

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White glove moving company provides door and floor protection upon request

white glove moving company

Our white-glove moving help is second to none!

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We are the only white-glove relocation specialist near you that will make sure all your needs and quality standards are definitely met.

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Our white-glove moving services are more than just picking up your items and dropping them off at a new location.

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Top-of-the-line white glove moving services

Do you have a luxury home in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, or the surrounding states? Or are you simply interested in getting the very best to handle your move?

Then you have already found the experts at Movers On Duty. The best white-glove moving and storage company capable of moving any sized home.

We have skilled mansion movers who can easily take care of your belongings throughout the entire moving process as if you were only moving a studio apartment across the street.

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Fragile items packing – Mirror and glass protection – Gentle packaging methods

Our professional packing team can pack up your entire home using the utmost care and our branded packing supplies. We work efficiently as well as extremely carefully.

We provide all the required supplies because we want to use the best products to protect your belongings. From bubble wrap to labeling stickers (to know where each box came from). We got it all.

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What else do white-glove movers do?

We will even help you donate items that you don’t want at your new place and we can even help you with our professional junk removal services at super low prices for items that can’t be donated.

And yes, we will even take care of home-staging everything for you once we get to your new place. Every single box will end up in its respective room.

Our professional organizers will make sure everything is exactly where you want it.

Mansion moving services

Our white-glove movers have been trained to move large-scale items like pianos, fragile chandeliers, antiques, large-scale furniture, and more.

We have professional moving crews and fully-equipped moving trucks. With some of the most skilled movers on the whole East coast.

By placing all of these items together in combination, we feel as though we can offer some of the greatest value in the industry.

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We are not only a professional moving company. We are the best Movers MD has to offer!



We have been selected “Best moving company serving Washington DC March 2018” and one of the “Top 10 best moving companies in the whole country 2017” by

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White-Glove Apartment Moving Services

We offer top-of-the-line relocation services regardless of the actual size of your move. We promise you an unbelievable service for a price that cannot be matched.

Our apartment movers will make you feel that calling Movers On Duty was the best decision you made this year 😉

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Also, make sure you have the information you need to “Protect Your Memories. Your Money. Your Move.” from moving fraud. Please download this free brochure provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation:
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Commercial and residential white-glove moving services

*Movers On Duty is a local carrier; an ACTUAL MOVING COMPANY that is locally owned and operated with our own trucks and our own moving crews.

We are NOT A BROKER. We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate the importance of reserving your move with a local carrier.

We offer commercial and residential moving services.

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