Eviction Moving Services | Evicting a tenant | Eviction movers Maryland

Eviction Moving Services | Evicting a tenant | Eviction movers Maryland, Virginia, and DC

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If you are looking for a great eviction company offering eviction services in Maryland, Washington DC, or Virginia, then you have landed on the correct website.

Movers On Duty provides the best, fastest, and friendliest eviction crews at the best price!

Our eviction movers always arrive at the right time and with the correct amount of people.

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Eviction packers and movers – Eviction and removal

We know exactly how it works! We have done this so many times that most local Sheriffs already know us by name (And yes, they are always impressed by how well we get our job done)

We always have boxes and plastic trash bags to expedite the process of packing and removing your tenants’ belongings. (Supplies come at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE)

We are licensed, insured, and bonded because your peace of mind is our main priority!

eviction moving services

Eviction Services – All-Inclusive rates – Eviction Movers

Each state has different requirements, sometimes they even vary from county to county. Either way, we are here to help!

We offer EXACT PRICES instead of surprises. Our rates include ALL the required people, dollies, hand trucks, travel time, gas, and even vehicles if needed.


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Our DC eviction crew, just like our eviction crew Maryland and our eviction crews from Virginia, are always ready and willing to help when needed. So, call us today and let us help you make this bad experience, a much smoother one.



List of counties we serve in Maryland:

Anne Arundel County eviction movers

Baltimore eviction movers

Frederick County eviction movers

Howard County eviction movers

Montgomery County eviction movers

Prince George’s County eviction movers

List of counties / cities we serve in Virginia:

Arlington County eviction moving services

City of Alexandria eviction movers

City of Manassas and Manassas Park eviction services

Fairfax County eviction moving company

Falls Church eviction help

Loudoun County tenant eviction services

Prince William County eviction moving service

We also offer eviction moving services in Washington, D.C.

Where to hire people to help with an eviction?

How and where to find and hire all the required people for your eviction:

*Please remember that if you don’t have the correct amount of movers, the eviction will get canceled. The Sheriff will not wait 30 minutes for your friends to show up.

  • Google or Yelp eviction movers to find local eviction moving companies around your area.
  • Check reviews, make sure the company shows up on time. And make sure they don’t have any hidden fees or surprises (We offer flat rates based on the amount of people required by the Sheriff)
  • Don’t count on friends and family to show up (at least on time) Hire professionals to make sure you get your property back.
  • Day laborers = Bad idea. If your plan is to pick up people from 7 eleven or from outside your local Home Depot GOOD LUCK!!!