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Eviction Moving Services | Evicting a tenant | Eviction movers Maryland

Eviction Moving Services | Evicting a tenant | Eviction movers Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC

If you are looking for a great eviction moving company offering residential and commercial eviction services in Maryland, Washington DC, or Northern Virginia, then you have landed on the correct website.

Movers On Duty provides the best, fastest, and friendliest eviction crews at the best price!

Our eviction movers always arrive on time and with the correct amount of people. We have been providing eviction moving services for more than a decade. And the Sheriffs love working with us!

Eviction movers maryland

Maryland-based eviction movers – Eviction movers near me

First time doing an eviction? Well, we have done thousands of evictions.

We know exactly how they work! We have been doing commercial and residential evictions in Maryland for more than 10 years.

We’ve done so many of them that most local Sheriffs/Constables already know us by name (And yes, they are always impressed by how well we get our job done).

eviction moving services

Professional eviction movers with years of experience

We’ve successfully helped hundreds of landlords and property managers get their properties back.

Our eviction specialists always have boxes and heavy-duty plastic trash bags to expedite the process of packing and removing your tenants’ belongings. (Supplies are provided at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE)

We only need 10 minutes to give you an exact price for your eviction:

eviction moving

Eviction Helpers serving all counties in Maryland

Please allow us to provide you with the best eviction helpers in the State.

We provide eviction help to landlords, property managers, attorneys, investors, and realtors.

The deputies love working with our movers! Because we don’t waste time and we know what we’re doing.

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Tenant Eviction Help – We do evictions with all Sheriff’s offices in Maryland!

Please take a minute to listen to one of the deputies give us instructions prior to entering the house.

This happened right after they removed the tenant from the property:


Eviction removal services – Eviction and removal process

Before entering the property, the deputies will do a headcount to ensure the landlord or property manager has the correct number of eviction movers on site. Then they’ll knock on the door. (Locksmith might also be required)

As soon as we are allowed inside the unit/property, our eviction helpers will begin packing/bagging everything.

Then we’ll proceed to take everything outside (to the curb or wherever the sheriff says since we only have 60 to 120 minutes total).

eviction movers

Eviction company offering eviction moving services

We are capable, experienced, licensed, insured, and bonded because your peace of mind is our priority!

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Eviction Services – All-Inclusive rates – Eviction Movers

Each state has different requirements, sometimes varying from county to county. Evictions are complicated. But either way, we are here to help.

We offer EXACT PRICES instead of surprises!

Our rates include ALL the required people, dollies, hand trucks, travel time, gas, and even vehicles (if needed).


quote for evicting someone

Our eviction movers understand the eviction process!

The following video shows some of the protocols the Sheriff’s Department has during a tenant eviction.

Our eviction team works closely with the local sheriffs to ensure a smooth and efficient eviction process for both landlords and property managers.

This is all part of the eviction process:


Eviction company offering eviction services in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC



Eviction movers Maryland

eviction moving services near me

This is the aftermath of an eviction

Check out this eviction caught on tape! It depicts the aftermath on actual eviction:



Residential eviction movers – Eviction company with years of experience

With so many years of experience, we even know exactly what scares a squatter the most. We have seen their faces once faced with reality.

Somehow, some people think they’ll never get evicted…

We can absolutely help with your eviction, but it has to be right after this happens:



Eviction movers Maryland in action:

eviction movers video

Professional eviction removal company in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC.

Our DC eviction crew, just like our eviction crew in Maryland and our eviction crews from Virginia, are always ready and willing to help when needed.

Your tenant will pay you when they see us or you will get your property back. That’s a promise!

So, contact us today and let us help you make this bad experience, a much smoother one.


eviction moving companies near me

Eviction packers and movers


Eviction day


Help evicting a tenant – Removing the tenant’s belongings from your property

After attending the court hearing. If it all goes well, your tenant will have a set amount of time to leave the property. Depending on where you live this can be 2 days or 2 weeks.

If the tenant doesn’t leave before the eviction date, someone from the Sheriff’s Office will have to escort them out while we help you remove their belongings from the property.

Do you need help evicting a tenant? Give us a call! We have the muscles to move furniture and other household items out of your property. We will pack and move everything so you don’t have to.



Commercial Eviction Services – Commercial Eviction Movers

In the realm of commercial real estate, where each move represents a significant chapter, Movers On Duty (commercial movers eviction section) stands as a partner dedicated to making transitions, including evictions, as smooth as possible.

Not only do we have the experience but we also have the endurance required to handle tough commercial evictions. From repair shops to retail stores. From restaurants to warehouses and everything in between. We have done it all.


This is a commercial eviction:

Eviction crew for commercial property

At Movers On Duty, we understand that in the ever-changing landscape of commercial real estate, shifts are bound to happen, and occasionally, they encompass maneuvering through the intricacies of commercial evictions.

Should you encounter the hurdles associated with a commercial eviction, don’t hesitate to connect with us.

After all, our movers are the best commercial eviction crew according to the sheriffs.



The following commercial eviction was caught on tape

In commercial eviction scenarios, the sheriff typically requires 25 able bodies, heavy-duty trash bags for packing belongings, tools to dismantle furniture, and dollies for the removal of hefty items.

A locksmith must also be present. If your eviction is in Montgomery County, you will also need a truck.


Are you curious about what to expect during an eviction move-out?

This free guide for landlords should be super useful and it should answer most of your questions about the process of an eviction.

It provides in-depth insights into what happens on the day of the eviction and how it all concludes.

Do not miss out on this comprehensive resource that can empower you as a landlord. Get your FREE guide now and navigate the eviction process with confidence!



Frequently Asked Questions about evictions:

How do I evict a tenant for not paying rent?

We can’t offer any legal advice because we are only an eviction moving company but if your property is located in Maryland, we would recommend you check the courts’ website on housing cases.

You will learn how to give proper notice, what happens in court, and even what happens after judgment.

Eviction movers md

When should the eviction be scheduled?

It should be scheduled only after the Sheriff’s office has received the signed original Warrant of Restitution from the court.



eviction movers near me


How many people will I need for the eviction?

The number of movers required will vary based on the location and property size.

Not having the right amount of movers at the scheduled time may result in the cancelation of the eviction.

The Sheriff ultimately has the last word, find out how many movers they want you to have there that day and save yourself the headache.

how many people do you need for an eviction

Must the landlord be present on the day of the eviction?

The landlord or their representative must be present during the eviction. Someone has to sign the paperwork.


Eviction movers near me

Will Movers On Duty provide bags to pack?

Yes, we always bring heavy-duty trash bags and boxes to pack everything. We will empty all the drawers, closets, and even the kitchen cabinets.

At no extra cost, we will also bring tools to disassemble furniture (if needed).

Our movers will have dollies and hand trucks to handle heavy furniture, safes, and pianos.

We are the experts on evictions. We’ll have everything we need with us.

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about additional charges!

We will have the equipment and manpower sufficient to complete the eviction on time.


To what location will the tenant’s belongings be transported?

We’ll take the tenant’s stuff to the curb. The deputy in charge of the eviction will let us know exactly where they want things placed.

In Montgomery County, the stuff might need to be driven to the closest main road instead. But this is up to the sheriff.


eviction crew

What happens to the tenant’s belongings after the eviction?

We don’t decide what to do with their stuff, and we are usually not allowed to take it anywhere. The tenant has 24 hours to pick up their things.

If they don’t and you need junk removal services the next day, just let us know.

We offer exact prices for that service as well.


Where to hire people to help with an eviction?

Do you offer discounts to property Managers or realtors?

Eviction moving services Maryland

Yes, we are an eviction moving company that offers discounts to property managers, realtors, leasing offices, and others.

Since you will be using our services multiple times, we will take care of you.

Let us help with evictions and the junk removal the day after, if the tenant doesn’t pick up the stuff from the curve.

Do you offer bulk eviction services?

Yes, we do. We work with many property managers in the area.

If you have more than 3 evictions scheduled for the same property, we can offer lower rates.

Bulk evictions are our specialty, we can handle up to 25 evictions per day.

eviction movers near me

Will I need a locksmith for the eviction?

Yes, most likely you will. Not only will you want to change the locks after the tenant has left the property but you also want to make sure the Sheriff and the movers will have access to the property.

Just imagine for a second… You have done everything legally to evict the tenant, the eviction day has arrived, and 5 minutes before the eviction is supposed to start you notice that the tenant has changed the doorknob and the locks. So, your keys will not work. The Sheriff won’t wait until you find a locksmith.

You will have to wait a month or 2 to get another eviction date. Don’t let this happen to you and schedule a locksmith just in case you need to gain entry. (Moving companies aren’t professional locksmiths – We don’t offer locksmith services)

Last-minute cancelations – Reasons why evictions get canceled

There are many unexpected reasons why an eviction can get canceled.

The tenant might just pay or move out. Or maybe the resident gets an extension from the judge the day before the eviction.

The locksmith does not show up or isn’t able to grant us access to the unit.

Your friends could be late or even worse, fewer people than expected could show up (with us you don’t have to worry about this – we plan on keeping our perfect record intact). This is why we always show up at least 15 minutes before the sheriffs arrive.

But believe it or not, most evictions get canceled due to inclement weather. Rain or snow or if the weather is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit will most likely be a reason for the Deputy Sheriff to ask you to reschedule.

Call to reschedule the eviction that same day! Don’t wait, time is money, and you know it…



Where to hire people to help with an eviction?

How and where to find and hire all the required people for your eviction:

*Please remember that if you don’t have the correct amount of movers, the eviction will get canceled. The Sheriff will not wait 30 minutes for your friends to show up.

  • Google or Yelp eviction movers to find local eviction moving companies around your area.
  • Check reviews, make sure the company shows up on time. And make sure they don’t have any hidden fees or surprises (We offer flat rates based on the number of people required by the Sheriff)
  • Don’t count on friends and family to show up (at least on time) Hire professionals to make sure you get your property back.
  • Day laborers = Bad idea. If your plan is to pick up people from outside 7-Eleven, The Home Depot, or from outside your local shelter, then GOOD LUCK!!!

Eviction movers last minute


Eviction fees – How much does an eviction cost? Do we charge a deposit?

All eviction moving companies operate differently. We don’t ask for a deposit to reserve the date. And we only have 1 or 2 charges depending on your specific county.

If you’re doing an eviction in Montgomery county then there are 2 charges. A truck fee and the the eviction labor fee. Only MoCo requires you to have a truck on site.

The Sheriffs in all other counties only require the movers.

tenant eviction

Can you negotiate the price with the eviction movers?

You can try to get people from outside the Home Depot or Craigslist. But we wouldn’t risk it.

If you don’t have the required people, the Sheriff will cancel the eviction. It will take months for you to get another eviction date.

This isn’t the time to save pennies on the dollar. Think big picture, you want pro movers who will show up on time (with all the requested people) to help you get your property back…

What does it mean for the tenants to have lost their right of redemption?

It means that even if they pay the judgment amount due, you still have the right to proceed with the eviction.


What is a squatter?

An squatter is an individual who occupies a vacant building or unused land without legal authorization.

We offer squatter removal services.

How to remove a squatter? (in Maryland)

Maryland property owners must follow a specific process when evicting a squatter. You can’t use the same type of eviction order that you would for a tenant.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. If the squatter refuses to leave your property, plan to file a wrongful detainer complaint. You can go to the county’s District Court, which will then issue a summons to the squatter.
  2. The order will be sent to the County sheriff if the court is in favor of the homeowner’s case. Therefore, the sheriff will be responsible for removing the squatter provided that he/she does not file for an appeal.

Wrongful detainer? – How long does it take to evict a squatter?

The landlord must serve a 10 to 30-day eviction notice to the squatter, depending on the eviction offense:

    • 10-day notice to pay or quit (for nonpayment of rent)
    • 30-day notice to quit (for lease violations)
    • 14-day unconditional notice to quit (for causing danger of harm to others)

A wrongful detainer refers to a person occupying real property against their wishes. Landlords cannot evict current renters, holdover tenants, or those in possession based on a court order through a wrongful detainer lawsuit. However, if an individual has no leasing history or legal right to the property, the landowner can initiate a lawsuit to pursue eviction.

Are self-evictions allowed in Maryland?

All self-eviction actions are illegal in MD. This involves shutting off the utilities or changing the doorknobs/locks. Failure to comply with this opens up the possibility for a squatter to file a lawsuit against the property owner.

What areas do you serve? Where do we do evictions? Eviction services near me

List of counties where we do evictions in Maryland:

Anne Arundel County eviction movers

Baltimore eviction movers

Frederick County eviction movers

Howard County eviction movers

Montgomery County eviction movers

Prince George’s County eviction movers

List of counties/cities we serve in Virginia:

Arlington County eviction moving services

City of Alexandria eviction movers

City of Manassas and Manassas Park eviction services

Fairfax County eviction moving company

Falls Church eviction help

Loudoun County tenant eviction services

Prince William County eviction moving service


In case you are unfamiliar with the eviction regulations in most of Maryland, a landlord has to allow tenants to “pay and stay” until the fourth (4th) Order for Possession.

The fourth Order for eviction is written as a “no right of redemption”, which means the tenants can no longer pay up to continue to stay. (In Baltimore City, it takes five Orders.)


Eviction help near me – Eviction helpers – Help to do an eviction

We offer eviction help in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. Our eviction helpers will remove everything from your property in record time.

We offer the best help to do an eviction. There are many eviction companies offering eviction services, but none of them are a professional moving company.


We also offer eviction moving services in Washington, D.C.

Besides eviction moving services, we also offer Junk Removal Services and Property Cleanout Services in your area:

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