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Baltimore eviction movers

Eviction Movers Baltimore City and surrounding areas.

Are you still looking for legal eviction services? In that case, we recommend first checking Yelp’s best eviction services and then come back to this website. Because Movers On Duty is only a moving company that offers eviction moving services in Baltimore.

We do NOT offer legal advice. We are Baltimore eviction movers.

If the Sheriff or Constable have already given you a date and you know the number of eviction movers required, we can help you schedule the movers and easily navigate this situation.

baltimore eviction movers

We are the silver lining of the eviction process, our experience will make us strategic partners for life.

From now on, we are confident that we will be your new friends in the moving business.

We will save you money and time. But on top of that, we will give you peace of mind.

baltimore county eviction movers


TIP of the day: Rent a roll-off dumpster. In Baltimore City, the landlord’s only obligation for the tenant’s abandoned property is to properly dispose of it. This is the easiest way to manage an eviction and with so many companies competing to rent you one online, you will surely get a good deal on it. We will help you load it!


Baltimore eviction movers

How do evictions work in Baltimore?

According to the Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office, there are 6 steps. Read the full article here.

Starting with the judge issuing an “Order of warrant of restitution” to what happens when the Sheriff actually arrives to do the eviction and what you are responsible for after the eviction happens.

This video about evictions in Baltimore might be helpful but it isn’t our content:


How do eviction moving companies in Baltimore work?

Each company is different, especially in Baltimore. Some moving companies give you hourly rates and others give you flat rates. We recommend always going with the flat rate so you can know from the beginning exactly how much the upcoming eviction in Baltimore will cost.

Here at Movers On Duty, we understand that as a landlord you are going through something you don’t deserve. So, we want to make this as easy as possible. We honestly do want to help you.

  • There are NO CANCELLATION FEES. Until the night before.
  • We will give you an exact price quote. No deposit required to book.
  • Our prices include heavy-duty trash bags, dollies, and hand-trucks.
  • Professional movers that will not scratch doors, walls, or floors.
  • We always arrive 15 to 20 minutes before the scheduled time.
Baltimore maryland eviction movers

Last-minute eviction moving help in Baltimore County – Eviction movers near Baltimore City

Visit our About Us page to learn more about our Baltimore moving company‘s insurance and compliance information.

Our eviction movers have more than a decade of experience moving Virginia, moving Washington DC, and moving Maryland residents. Evicting someone is a lot easier.

But with the years, we have learned that each county handles things differently, contact us so we can give you more details!

Contact information for Baltimore County Sheriff’s Office

County Courts Building

401 Bosley Avenue, Towson, MD 21204

Baltimore County Sheriff’s office website – Follow the Sheriff’s Office on Twitter


  • Movers On Duty: 301-512-5012
  • Undersheriff: 410-887-8698
  • Chief Deputy: 410-887-4069
  • Lieutenants: 410-887-4069 and 6107
  • Quartermaster: 410-887-4077
  • Warrant Squad: 410-887-2031
  • Applicant and Investigative Unit: 410-887-3356
  • Sergeant Walter Weiss: 410-887-3151

Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office contact information

Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office website

Contact Numbers:

General Information(410) 396-1155
Courthouse Security Division(410) 396-5068
Rental Eviction Sheriff Services(410) 396-7412
Child Support and Criminal Warrant Apprehension(410) 396-7591
baltimore eviction moving service

Other services we offer in Baltimore Maryland besides evictions:

Movers On Duty is a full-service moving company. (Yes, we do help with evictions in Baltimore but we mostly deal with commercial and residential moves/relocations)

We offer packing services. We provide all the supplies. And we can help to unpack as well.

companies that do evictions in Baltimore

We offer moving services. We are the best moving company in Baltimore MD, we give exact price quotes for moving that include everything (so you know exactly how much the move will cost beforehand).

Local moving, long-distance moving, and even international moving help available.

And we also offer Junk removal services. So, now you know who to contact when muscles and trucks are required.

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