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Piano moving services – FAQ

Baby grand piano moving services – FAQ – Upright piano moving services

Movers On Duty understands the sentimental and financial value of your piano, that’s why we take pride in our baby grand and upright piano moving services.

We will spare nothing when it comes to your prized possession. Only the best crews, the best supplies, and top-of-the-line equipment will be used.

The fine art of piano moving can be very intimidating, therefore you should make sure your piano will be in good hands. No worries! You are at the right place.

Piano moving

Does Movers On Duty only do local piano moves?

No, we don’t. We serve all metro Washington DC and surrounding areas in MD and VA. We can move your piano all the way to the West coast. We can be almost anywhere in the continental United States within 2 weeks.

Is Movers On Duty insured?

We are fully licensed, insured and bonded. If you need a certificate of insurance, simply request one and it will be provided at no additional charge.

We can handle everything from pianos, fine art, crystal and antiques to electronics and computers with full-service door to door inside pick-up and delivery.

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Upright piano moving

Are your prices competitive?

Movers On Duty offers you a fair price, punctuality, and the best quality services for your piano moving needs.

Our pricing structure is one of the most rewarding features of our services. We strive to keep our prices as competitive and appealing as possible, without compromising attention to detail or quality. We encourage you to visit to instantly compare guaranteed prices from multiple moving companies in one screen and read real customer reviews. Then, give us a call for special offers and discounts.

How much do you charge to move a piano locally?

The price to move your piano will depend on many things such as the type of piano, the requested date, current location, stairs and distance from point A to point B. Moving a small upright piano across town could cost you as little as $100 but if it involves stairs, it could cost around $250.

Do you use day labor?

No, we don’t. All our movers are trained, professional and uniformed full-time employees.

Will my piano be protected before being moved?

Absolutely, we are well known for our incredible furniture protection methods.

All pianos are checked for loose parts, removed, and wrapped individually when needed.

We DO NOT charge extra for protecting your piano, floor, walls, stairs, and doors.

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Will the tune of my piano be affected by moving it?

Relocating a piano actually has less of an effect on its tune than you might think. It is the change in humidity between the dwelling, the truck, and the new location that causes a piano to become out of tune. Although traveling down a bumpy road doesn’t help things, the main factor is always humidity.

The pin block, bridge, and the soundboard are all made of wood, which is highly susceptible to the effects of humidity. However, pianos are designed to be moved and after a short time of sitting in the new destination (around 15 days or so) the piano will acclimate and be ready for tuning.

How should I move an upright piano across the room the day after my move?

Moving a piano is not only risky for the piano but can also be dangerous for yourself. You’ll want to contact a piano moving company if you’re moving your piano between different floors or very tight spaces. But if your new location is only a few feet or a room away, check out this advice on how to move an upright piano or smaller instruments across a room:

The very first step in how to move a piano across the room is to prepare your instrument and also the room it will be moved into. Clear off everything on top of your piano. If it has a lid, make sure that it is closed –this is especially important for your precious fingertips once the piano is in motion!

You’ll then want to clear the path in which your piano will travel before you start moving it. Make sure there aren’t rugs or pieces of furniture in the way of your destination. It’s also crucial to measure every doorway or space you’ll need to travel through. Don’t put yourself in a position where you’ll need to improvise your next move.

Upright pianos are easier to handle than grand pianos mainly due to their size and the way they can be moved. Still be cautious about maneuvering them, as upright pianos are top heavy and are more prone to falling sideways. We strongly recommend you have 4 or more strong people to help you. If you can’t get enough people to help, you may want to consider contacting us for a quick quote.

If you have any additional questions, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer them!

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