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Rented truck driver

Moving truck driver for hire – Movers that can drive your truck

Hire a truck driver! You can hire someone to drive your rental truck for you.

Why risk driving a rented truck when you can hire professional drivers to do it for you?

We can drive your rental truck across town or across the US!

Free moving truck driver quote:

Our quote will include all the necessary costs, such as fuel and driver travel expenses, as well as hotel stays. There are no hidden fees involved.

Hiring Movers On Duty is an easy, stress-free, and cost-effective solution for people renting a truck for moving that don’t feel like doing the drive themselves.

Renting a truck and hiring a professional driver to drive it for you is still more affordable than hiring movers with a truck.

hire driver to drive rental truck

How much does it cost to hire a moving truck driver?

Can I hire someone to drive my rented truck?

The cost to hire a moving truck driver is between 75 cents per mile to $3 per mile. And as long as the driver is added to your policy, it isn’t a problem to have one of our professional drivers drive your rental.

With many years of professional driving experience and hundreds of thousands of miles under our belt, we are definitely the best company to hire a driver from.

rented truck driver

rental truck driver services

Professional Rental Truck Driver Services

can i hire someone to drive my rental



Moving truck driver services – Hire a truck driver for your rental

You rent the truck, load it up, and we take care of the rest, safely driving your belongings from your starting location to your destination.

If the truck needs to be driven back to where it was picked up from, please let us know. This won’t be an issue but it will affect the price to have someone driving your truck instead of you.

Our team can also assist in finding the best rental truck at the most affordable price, and even provide help with moving labor if needed. Trust Movers On Duty to guide you through every step of your move.

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We have movers with trucks and movers without trucks.

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