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Moving to a New House | Unforgettable Moments (Hopefully positive)

Moving can be super fun, on one hand, but it can be overwhelming and super stressful on the other. With everything that’s required to move a house, besides the mortgage/rent. From packing/moving expenses to insurance policies, even spending time with your family may happen too rarely.

Your children may be at school almost every day and your spouse may also be too busy with their career. Only you know how complicated your move will be, right?

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But if instead of viewing the house move as something negative and tedious, you can actually think of it as a great avenue for you to create happy moments and experiences with your family, then you are our kind of people!

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House moving might be the best time to make your family realize you are the dream team and only you guys can get this done correctly!


Let’s get started! But 1st things first: Sorting out your stuff

When you’re relocating to a new home, going through all the items on your own is the first thing you should do. For instance, you’ll need to sort out items which are used and unused. Donatable? Worth keeping?

● Besides, getting rid of unused items can help lessen your moving expenses. Even if you hire junk removal services. Also, it is worth keeping in mind that your new home will not be overcrowded with stuff you don’t actually use, need, nor want. While you’re busy sorting your things out, you can use this time-consuming activity for your family to bond instead. Or simply just to chill.

● You can ask the help of every family member to sort out which stuff to bring and leave behind. And as they do it, they can share stories of why such item became memorable to them over the years. With this task, you’ll not only experience fun but you’ll also be able to get to know your family better.

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When you move to a house packing of valuables can be tedious

Packing seems to be a taxing task to do. Apart from sorting out of stuff, packing of valuables requires more attention and patience than you ever thought. This is because you have to consider not just one packing technique to get things done the right way. For example, what works for your heavy books may not work for your clothes.

● Even if the Internet can help you go through with these things, it will still not be a sufficient resource to depend on. Instead, it’s more personal and worthwhile if you ask us directly for suggestions on how to pack valuables properly.

● Asking family members that move a lot may leave an impression that you value what they say and do. Some of their ideas may be unusual but you can try them for sure. Your family will be glad knowing you’ve considered their suggestion in packing your valuables.

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Distributing chores around the house help moving

Moving a house takes a lot of time and effort. In fact, you will not finish doing everything in just a single day. From sorting out your stuff, packing of valuables to labeling of moving boxes, you know there are many things to do during a move.

● While it can be tempting to do all the things on your own, the entire task will be much easier if you employ the hands of your family members, friends, or actual movers. Remember that once chores are distributed, these will be accomplished quickly.

● Moreover, what’s good with the division of chores is the opportunity to be with your family or friends. All the more, seeing everyone in your family helping one another is indeed a memorable moment to cherish forever. Thus, it’s best to make the most out of that moment and you’ll certainly remember this for the rest of your life. (My neighbors moved themselves in instead of hiring a house moving company and broke their own $3000 TV, they’ll never forget it lol)

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Travel with family when moving to your new house

When you move from one home to another, your family will get the chance to travel. You may have planned for a family travel but because of everyone’s busy schedule, the same still remains a proposal.

● However, moving to a new house will give you the chance to explore more on the location you’re considering. Take that opportunity not just to check the area but also to create family moments together. You can wander the entire city and look for malls, restaurants, and even parks nearby. By walking around the area, this will surely bring so much fun to your family.

● Also, remember that you don’t necessarily need to drive your car all the way there. Have you considered flying to your new home? We can move your car to your new house, too.

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Unpacking and Arranging stuff in the new house

Once you or the house movers have unloaded all the moving boxes and furniture, the next big thing to do is to unpack your stuff as soon as possible. Unfortunately, you can’t do the unpacking alone, which is why letting your family members help you can be an excellent idea. Or simply hire unpacking help.

● By allowing your family members to assist you, you’re also giving them the chance to decide on how they want their valuables to be arranged. Let them do their own thing and sooner or later you’ll discover the creative side of your family members.

● Not only that but you’re also giving them the freedom to do what they want with their stuff. It will be an interesting thing to do, right?

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While moving to a new house is indeed stressful, changing how you see it as a task can make a huge difference!

Even if moving can be tiring on your part, think of it as a challenge that your family can successfully handle together. With everyone’s presence during the move, you can get the most out of moving by creating some unforgettable moments with them.

Also, consider your move as an avenue to learn things together. Discover the best ways to do like hiring a professional moving company that can provide you with valuable advice regarding your moving needs.

Besides, it will be okay if you can’t do everything on your own. Hence, getting help from experienced movers can go a long way…

House movers can be much more affordable than you might think

Moving a house doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated!

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