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Prince George’s County Eviction Movers

Eviction movers Prince George’s County Maryland

If you are looking for strong and quick professionals to help you evict a tenant, then you have found the best eviction movers in P.G. County to get the job done correctly.

Prince Georges county eviction movers

Movers On Duty is a professional full-service moving company. The following are all the services we provide in your area:


Things to know when evicting someone in P.G. County Maryland:

How many people do you need for evictions in P.G. County?

The Sheriff will request a specific number of people based on the size of your property and its location.

There have been cases where clients request 15 people for a 3 bedroom townhouse and cases where up to 25 people have been requested for similar jobs a few zip codes away.

The Sheriff will let you know how many people you need when a specific date is assigned to your case after they receive the warrant for restitution.

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What happens the day of the eviction?

What does the Sheriff do before an eviction?

The Sheriff will do a head count before knocking on the door!

You must have the correct number of people or they will just cancel it.

We are a serious company. Not only will we always show up with the correct amount of people, we will also be there on time. (Actually, 20 mins before because we enjoy chatting with the Sheriffs until the time comes)

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And then? What actually happens during an eviction?

With all the people there, the Sheriff will ring the bell, knock on the door, and call the tenant. Probably nowadays they even send them text messages.

If everything works out well, the tenant will cry for 10 minutes before accepting the fact that they are finally getting kicked out. The Sheriff will give them some time to pack their most valuable posessions and then our eviction movers will proceed to empty all drawers, closets, and cabinets (we bring heavy-duty trash bags with us so you don’t even have to worry about that).

pg county eviction moving companies

At the same time, our stronger movers will be removing all the furniture, relatively quickly but extremely carefully so your property doesn’t get damaged.

Our experienced eviction movers will not damage your door frames, doors, handrails, ceilings, or floors. They have years of experience in the moving industry. So, they understand that evicting someone in Prince George’s County costs you a lot of money.

We will not add to those costs unnecessarily.

*We understand that one day you may need movers yourself and we would love to be your movers. This is just how we meet 😉 We will help you navigate through this, that’s a promise.

eviction movers prince georges county

We do NOT offer legal advice. Only eviction movers.

Learn more about the legal eviction process in Prince George’s County Maryland from an experienced landlord/tenant attorney’s perspective here.

This is a video from the same firm about how to successfully evict a tenant 9 out of 10 times:

We hope this helped! But please do understand that we do not recommend this attorney and are not associated with the firm. We simply found their information to be complete and accurate.

We are only responsible for the movers that will show up the day of the eviction.

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