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Moving company offering local and out of state moving services from and to Kensington Maryland

Licensed, bonded, and insured Kensington MD movers.

movers kensington md

Residential and Commercial relocation services near Kensington MD

Movers On Duty is changing the moving industry. One move at a time.

Offering exact prices instead of surprises since 2008.

Our Kensington local movers will surely become your friends in the moving industry. If one day you meet one of our movers at the grocery store, we are sure you will be happy to see him again. We are good people, helping people move.

We offer residential moving help and commercial moving services.

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Kensington MD Local Movers

movers kensington

Every day we are told how much our movers are loved and how they will always be remembered.

Some people have even asked us to make sure we record the exact crew that handled their move. So, in 2 years when their lease needs to be renewed, they can have the exact same crew moving them to a different location if needed.

We honestly do care about our clients. See for yourself:

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movers kensington md

Movers On Duty – Local Movers Kensington MD

Located only 20 minutes away, we offer great deals to people and companies moving from/to Kensington from/to anywhere in the country.

We should also mention that our local movers are fully trained, experienced, professionals. They will make you feel that moving isn’t hard at all. Actually, it is easy!

There are many movers in Kensington MD but there aren’t many who are in it for the long haul like us!

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Packing services Kensington MD – Packers and Movers Kensington Maryland

Our packing services include FREE packing supplies. We can take care of everything for you. Don’t let packing stress you out.

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Additional services offered in Kensington and the surrounding areas:


You could argue that there’s no easy way to move ­­and most movers in Kensington MD would have to agree.

Leaving one house for a different one brings plenty of emotional baggage, and we can’t necessarily
help you with that. But when it comes to physical baggage, WE ARE EXPERTS with more than 10 years of experience.

Here are some ideas for making your packing and moving process as smooth as possible:

If you are not taking advantage of our super affordable packing services, these tips will help!

*Label Boxes with Rooms (Not Items)
Now there’s an interesting thought. Why do we torture ourselves by labeling individual items?


● Cutlery
● Breakfast Glasses
● Napkins


● Kitchen

Chances are, Movers On Duty of Kensington, MD already know what items belong in your kitchen. Labeling your boxes correctly, allows us to place them in their respective room.

*Try Using Just One or Two Box Sizes:
This may be a challenge and chances are you won’t be able to stick by the rule perfectly.


1. Packing the truck becomes so much easier!
Using boxes that are the same size changes the game entirely; instead of playing Tetris level 8, you’re basically stacking Jenga blocks. Most movers in Kensington, MD would rather play Jenga.

* Don’t Pack the Night Before!
You’ve heard this one a thousand times before, but procrastination still remains a primary cause of moving anxiety. It doesn’t mean that your boxes must be full and stacked two weeks before the move; just pack at least one box per day in the couple of weeks beforehand.

Furthermore, leave a box or two open until the moment it’s time to drive away
you’ll be glad you did when you find an extra pair of shoes, set of plates, or a few old boxes of baseball cards in your last walk through the house.

*Last Two Tips: ­­Ziplock™ Bags and Your “Apocalypse Box”

No, the Ziplock bags aren’t for sandwiches on the road (although we highly recommend those, too); they’re
to help you keep track of hardware and other pieces that could be easily lost enroute.

Movers kensington md

Nuts and bolts from disassembled tables and laps are a good example – simply drop the hardware in a labeled bag and rest easy.

Last but not least, the “Apocalypse Box” should be well ­stocked and easily accessible . It will come in
handy if travel doesn’t go as smoothly as planned, and it will get you through the night if you’re simply too tired to unpack boxes after a long day of travel. (Toothpaste, a change of clothes, and some snacks
should certainly be included, but only YOU know what you need most)

There’s some good news amidst the hustle and bustle of a move; Movers on Duty is always available to help you navigate the moving process!

Need expert advice, supplies, or Kensington, MD’s most reliable moving services? Give Movers on Duty a call at 301.­512.­5012, or visit us online .

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Apartment movers Kensington MD – Local and Long distance

Movers On Duty welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust in our services. Whatever moving job you need completed, you can count on us to get it done in a timely manner.

Call us today at 301-512-5012 or fill out our online form so we can discuss the specifics of your move, including dates, final destinations, and additional services you may need.

Our amazing apartment movers will make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible. We offer great deals for moving from Kensington Maryland to Florida!

We are the best Kensington Movers MD has to offer!

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