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Instant Online Quote

Instant Online Moving Quote

The moving cost calculator below can help you get a local or long-distance moving estimate.

(Using a tablet, laptop or desktop is recommended for using our online moving quote calculator)

instant online moving quote

P.S. We are here to help. We will work with your budget. Let’s talk!



What if your online moving estimate is too high for me?

Don’t worry! We are here to work with you (and your budget).

Our moving cost calculator gives estimates based on our white glove moving services’ price average.

It assumes you want us to protect (blanket or plastic wrap) all your furniture before moving it. And that we will help you disassemble/reassemble beds, tables, etc. If you don’t actually need help with this, the price will decrease.

Same thing with the protection of the furniture. If you will wrap them before the movers arrive or if you simply don’t need all your items wrapped/protected, please, let us know. This will definitely decrease the total charges. We are technically considered cheap movers.

moving quotes online

How do you estimate moving costs?

Prices are calculated based on the exact date, distance to be traveled, and size of the move (Type of entrance will also affect your price. If you are moving into or out of a 4th-floor apartment with no elevator we will have to charge you accordingly).

We are exact price movers, our rates include everything. We will give you a flat rate for your move, with us, you don’t have to wait until moving day to find out how much your move will cost.

We just need the details of your move to quote you accurately. (You will be able to edit them directly from your account page)

How accurate is this moving quote calculator?

We have just installed this software on our website. We are still working on it.

Most of the time it quotes correctly. Sometimes, because of specific zip codes or the actual size of the move, it can go crazy, but 4 out of 5 times it is on point.

But NO worries! Our team will also receive your info when you get an online quote. We will contact you immediately to confirm the quoted price.

Will I really be able to get an exact price moving quote from Movers On Duty?

Absolutely! Unlike other moving companies, we actually prefer giving you a flat rate beforehand.

We offer EXACT PRICES instead of surprises!

We do want you to know exactly how much your move will cost ahead of time. (So, you can have some extra money set aside to show our movers your appreciation after they deliver the most amazing and organized moving service you will ever experience 😉 )

long distance moving quotes instant

Exact Prices instead of SURPRISES – No Games

There are many fly-by-night moving companies that offer extremely low hourly rates just to trick you into booking with them (they will then have 3 or 4 more hidden fees in the fine print of their contracts – including cancellation fees).

If you don’t pay them all the additional money they will request once they have your belongings inside their vehicles, they will drive away with all your stuff…

Don’t believe us? Check what channel 7 has to say about it:


Click here to learn more about moving scams.


We offer peace of mind!

You have the right to know exactly how much your relocation will cost in advance. And we are willing to let you know exactly how much that will be!

Just get your online moving quote in our moving estimate app.

We want you to be our customer for life. We are not interested in emptying your pockets. We actually want to help…

Are moving prices exact?

Our flat rate quotes include everything you ask for.

If you want some items moved to a new location, a few items disposed of, and other items donated to Goodwill, we could arrange all that for you. Your price will include everything, so you don’t have to worry about additional charges, hidden fees, or surprises.

Our exact price moving quotes are the reason why 95% of the people who use our services recommend us.

instant moving quote

How to get an exact price moving quote?

It is actually pretty simple. We just need your move details.

For example, if you are moving from an apartment on the 5th floor (no elevator) we need to know that, to quote you accurately.

Same thing, if you have a couple of extremely heavy or delicate items, we MUST be aware of them to avoid any issues the day of the move.

If you are moving only half of your stuff, just add the items you are moving to your inventory (from account page) and pay only for the items that we actually move.

Moving Estimate Online – Online Moving Quote

Want to know how much movers cost for a local move? Or long-distance?

We accept jobs of all sizes. From studio apartments to mansion moves.

Get an online moving quote to learn the average cost to move a 3-bedroom house. The average cost to move a 4 bedroom house. And even the price to move a 5 bedroom house.

Instantly buy moving boxes and affordable packing supplies that get delivered straight to you:

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Moving Quotes Online Instant – Local and Long-distance moving quotes

Our online moving quotes include everything. From the truck to the movers.

If you are moving locally or if you are looking for long-distance moving quotes. Our free moving quote calculator is exactly what you need, to know the exact price of your move beforehand.

Moving estimates have never been so easy, quick, and simple. Moving companies quotes can now be received instantly.

Compare us to any and all moving companies

When comparing moving companies, make sure each company is offering you guaranteed prices. Verify licenses, insurance, and reviews before making a final decision.

Moving company quotes are easy to get, compare at least 4 or 5 companies.

TIP: Don’t go for the lowest price you can find. Find the best value.

Skilled labor isn’t cheap. Cheap labor isn’t skilled.

Can I get a moving quote without personal information?

Based on our 12 years of experience in the moving industry, we can assure you that websites offering online moving estimates that don’t request personal info are basically a scam.

They just give you numbers that don’t make sense. Don’t let them fool you. Their hidden fees will be based on your personal info…

instant moving quote

This page offers online instant moving quotes. We have movers in Maryland, movers in Virginia, and movers in Washington DC.

We offer commercial and residential moving services. Local movers for short and long-distance moving.

Types of moves: Residential and commercial. Local moving and long-distance moving.

Other services offered: furniture delivery, assembly/disassembly, packing, unpacking, loading only, or unloading only help; junk removal, property cleanouts, and car transportation.

Please, contact us directly for a more accurate quote.

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