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Moving from Maryland to Florida

Moving from Maryland to Florida? Or are you moving from Florida to Maryland?

We drive to Florida every week, we’d truly love to help you move!

If you’re looking for a reliable and reputable long-distance moving company to help you with your move from Maryland to Florida (or from FL to MD), look no further than Movers On Duty.

We’d love to provide you with more information about our packing, moving, and unpacking services. So, please, give us a call!

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How much does it cost to move from Maryland to Florida?

Moving isn’t rocket science. The formula to calculate your moving costs is actually pretty simple.

Date + Inventory + Services requested + Distance from point A to point B = PRICE

Shady companies will give you super low estimates to hit you with hidden fees once they have picked up your belongings.

A reputable moving company will offer you an exact price quote for your move.

We even offer instant online moving quotes! But we’d actually prefer to talk to you so you can fully enjoy the whole Movers On Duty experience.

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Does it cost the same to move from MD to FL as it would cost to move from FL to MD?

Yes, it should. But it all depends on what you are moving as well as the exact date of the move. For example, if you are moving the same things back from Maryland to Florida, the cost should be almost the same as when you moved them to MD from FL.

The difference will be the time of the year. Holidays will always be a little more pricey.

If you are using the same moving company again, don’t forget to ask for a repeated-client discount!

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How much does it cost to move furniture to Florida? Commercial and residential moving from Maryland to Florida.

Movers On Duty’s moving specialists will be able to help you with an all-inclusive moving quote for your long-distance move in just a few minutes.

We offer residential moving services as well as commercial moving services.

Our prices include absolutely everything. But we also offer movers without a truck in case you only need loading help. (Unloading help is also available upon request)

Long-Distance Moving From Maryland To Florida

The cheapest way to move from Maryland to Florida

Hiring the right professional moving company is without a doubt the cheapest way to move from Maryland to Florida.

And if you were looking for cheap movers, we’re happy to inform you that you have just found them!

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We drive from Maryland to Florida every week

Our movers in Maryland will gladly help you relocate efficiently across many different routes connecting Maryland and Florida. If you are moving from FL to MD, we can also help.

These are some of the most popular routes that our movers usually operate in:

Maryland To Miami

Baltimore to Miami
Columbia to Miami
Germantown to Miami
Silver Spring to Miami
Waldorf to Miami
Ellicott City to Miami
Glen Burnie to Miami
Frederick to Miami
Gaithersburg to Miami
Rockville to Miami
Bethesda to Miami
Dundalk to Miami
Bowie to Miami
Towson to Miami
Aspen Hill to Miami
Severn to Miami
Wheaton to Miami
North Bethesda to Miami
Bel Air South to Miami
Potomac to Miami
Odenton to Miami
Catonsville to Miami
Woodlawn to Miami
Hagerstown to Miami
Essex to Miami

Maryland To Jacksonville

Baltimore to Jacksonville
Columbia to Jacksonville
Germantown to Jacksonville
Silver Spring to Jacksonville
Waldorf to Jacksonville
Ellicott City to Jacksonville
Glen Burnie to Jacksonville
Frederick to Jacksonville
Gaithersburg to Jacksonville
Rockville to Jacksonville
Bethesda to Jacksonville
Dundalk to Jacksonville
Bowie to Jacksonville
Towson to Jacksonville
Aspen Hill to Jacksonville
Severn to Jacksonville
Wheaton to Jacksonville
North Bethesda to Jacksonville
Bel Air South to Jacksonville
Potomac to Jacksonville
Odenton to Jacksonville
Catonsville to Jacksonville
Woodlawn to Jacksonville
Hagerstown to Jacksonville
Essex to Jacksonville

Maryland To Tampa

Baltimore to Tampa
Columbia to Tampa
Germantown to Tampa
Silver Spring to Tampa
Waldorf to Tampa
Ellicott City to Tampa
Glen Burnie to Tampa
Frederick to Tampa
Gaithersburg to Tampa
Rockville to Tampa
Bethesda to Tampa
Dundalk to Tampa
Bowie to Tampa
Towson to Tampa
Aspen Hill to Tampa
Severn to Tampa
Wheaton to Tampa
North Bethesda to Tampa
Bel Air South to Tampa
Potomac to Tampa
Odenton to Tampa
Catonsville to Tampa
Woodlawn to Tampa
Hagerstown to Tampa
Essex to Tampa

Maryland To Orlando

Baltimore to Orlando
Columbia to Orlando
Germantown to Orlando
Silver Spring to Orlando
Waldorf to Orlando
Ellicott City to Orlando
Glen Burnie to Orlando
Frederick to Orlando
Gaithersburg to Orlando
Rockville to Orlando
Bethesda to Orlando
Dundalk to Orlando
Bowie to Orlando
Towson to Orlando
Aspen Hill to Orlando
Severn to Orlando
Wheaton to Orlando
North Bethesda to Orlando
Bel Air South to Orlando
Potomac to Orlando
Odenton to Orlando
Catonsville to Orlando
Woodlawn to Orlando
Hagerstown to Orlando
Essex to Orlando

Maryland To St Petersburg

Baltimore to St Petersburg
Columbia to St Petersburg
Germantown to St Petersburg
Silver Spring to St Petersburg
Waldorf to St Petersburg
Ellicott City to St Petersburg
Glen Burnie to St Petersburg
Frederick to St Petersburg
Gaithersburg to St Petersburg
Rockville to St Petersburg
Bethesda to St Petersburg
Dundalk to St Petersburg
Bowie to St Petersburg
Towson to St Petersburg
Aspen Hill to St Petersburg
Severn to St Petersburg
Wheaton to St Petersburg
North Bethesda to St Petersburg
Bel Air South to St Petersburg
Potomac to St Petersburg
Odenton to St Petersburg
Catonsville to St Petersburg
Woodlawn to St Petersburg
Hagerstown to St Petersburg
Essex to St Petersburg

Maryland To Tallahassee

Baltimore to Tallahassee
Columbia to Tallahassee
Germantown to Tallahassee
Silver Spring to Tallahassee
Waldorf to Tallahassee
Ellicott City to Tallahassee
Glen Burnie to Tallahassee
Frederick to Tallahassee
Gaithersburg to Tallahassee
Rockville to Tallahassee
Bethesda to Tallahassee
Dundalk to Tallahassee
Bowie to Tallahassee
Towson to Tallahassee
Aspen Hill to Tallahassee
Severn to Tallahassee
Wheaton to Tallahassee
North Bethesda to Tallahassee
Bel Air South to Tallahassee
Potomac to Tallahassee
Odenton to Tallahassee
Catonsville to Tallahassee
Woodlawn to Tallahassee
Hagerstown to Tallahassee
Essex to Tallahassee

Maryland to Boca Raton

Baltimore to Boca Raton

BelAir to Boca Raton

Bethesda to Boca Raton

Bowie to Boca Raton

Boyds to Boca Raton

Chevy Chase to Boca Raton

Damascus to Boca Raton

District Heights to Boca Raton

Frederick to Boca Raton

Gaithersburg to Boca Raton

Germantown to Boca Raton

Hyattsville to Boca Raton

Jessup to Boca Raton

Largo to Boca Raton

Laurel to Boca Raton

Montgomery Village to Boca Raton

Oxon Hill to Boca Raton

Potomac to Boca Raton

Rockville to Boca Raton

Silver Spring to Boca Raton

Takoma Park to Boca Raton

Urbana to Boca Raton

Waldorf to Boca Raton

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