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How to properly pack dishes?

How to properly pack dishes?

Learn how to easily pack dishes like a PRO

  • The #1 tip we can give you when it comes to packing a dish box is to use lots of packing paper, foam, and bubble wrap. You can never use too much paper. The more paper you are using, the more protection the items get. The #2 best tip is to contact a professional moving company to help with your move. Pro movers don’t damage stuff.

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  • Begin by filling the bottom of the box with a layer of crumpled up packing paper. This will give the bottom layer items a soft cushion of protection. When you are done packing and the box is full, do the same thing again. Another layer of crumpled paper at the top should be used to give the box a firm top and protect the top layer of items. After you finish each layer, go back over it and stuff paper in all crevices (especially on the sides) to avoid movement within the barrel and buffer them from side impact. Each layer gets another layer of crushed paper on top of it – to buffer it from the next layer.
  • It is really important that every empty space inside the box is filled with crumpled packing paper to ensure nothing moves around inside.
  • Wrap each item individually with a sheet of packing paper. Lay the item near the corner of a sheet of paper, and wrap diagonally, tucking in the ends of the paper as you go. (Watch video below)
  • Once wrapped, place items into the dish box in rows. Place the heaviest items on the bottom of the box and the lighter objects at the top of the box. Strong things (plates) should always be placed on the bottom layer, light stuff (stemware) on the top layer.

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  • Bowls and plates should be loaded into the box on their side. Never lay them flat. Cups and glasses should also be loaded standing up.
  • After you fill one layer of the box, put down another layer of crumpled newsprint on top of the layer before you begin loading the next layer of the box.


  • Lamp bases and vases also belong inside a dish box. These should be wrapped in a large paper pad, and then stood up on end inside the box. Make sure to use crumpled packing paper to fill any extra space between items. (Lamp shades should be packed in a separate box)

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  • Pans and pots are durable items, and because of this, they do not need to be packed in a dish box. A regular medium carton is the best choice for these items. The same goes for plastic glasses & plates. These items do not require extra protection and are safe to travel in a standard carton.
  • Small appliances, like toasters, can go in a dish box as well. Wrap these objects in a large paper pad before placing them inside a box.

More details in the video below:

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