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Moving from Virginia to Florida

Moving from Virginia to Florida is simple, quick, and probably the best thing you have done for yourself and/or your family

We are a moving company offering 3-day delivery to anywhere in Florida (2-days if moving to the Jacksonville area)

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Who are the best Virginia to Florida movers?

The best movers from VA to FL are the ones that offer you exact prices instead of surprises!

If the movers you are trying to hire refuse or can’t give you a flat rate for your move, please, BE CAREFUL!

Virginia to Florida movers

We can guarantee the exact pick-up date in Virginia and also the delivery date in Florida

We offer direct service. What this means is that our truck will be reserved only for you. So, we can pick up your load when it is most convenient for you and we can deliver when it works best for you.

Since only your belongings will be in the truck, you won’t have to wait weeks or even months for your delivery. Our Virginia movers can move your stuff to Florida in just 2 or 3 days. But we can also store it for a few months before delivering if that’s what you need.

Having the truck for yourself also means that you don’t have to worry about your things being delivered to the wrong place. Please check our reviews, we’ve never misplaced/lost a single item. (Direct service from VA to FL is our secret)

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How much does it cost to hire a moving company to move you from VA to FL?

Moving from Virginia to Florida can be super costly. But not for the reasons you’re thinking.

We’ve heard/read hundreds of stories of people hiring super cheap movers to move to Florida. The worst stories end with: The movers were great in Virginia, the problem is that the truck never made it to Florida with our belongings…

Don’t let a fly-by-night company steal your dreams (and stuff). Please, allow us to help you move to paradise the way you deserve to start your new life. We promise to make sure you start your trip on the right foot. That’s the Movers On Duty promise.

We are the best movers to hire if you are moving from Virginia to Florida.

Not only do we offer moving services, but we also offer all of the following services to help make your move from VA to FL a smooth experience:

We can also help you move your piano from Virginia to Florida


Our expert piano movers can handle all types of pianos. Regardless of their weight.

Not all movers can move a piano from Virginia to Florida. Even if they are already moving your heavy furniture, make sure you confirm the movers are properly equipped and experienced to handle your piano. Not all moving companies are piano movers like us. We can handle it all!

Just see our guys moving a 550 lbs grand piano down 30 steps like it is nothing!!


And some more pics:

piano movers virginia to florida movers to florida from virginia cheap movers to florida from virginia

Can the movers also help with the transportation of my car from Virginia to Florida?

Most movers can’t. But unlike most of them, we ALWAYS can help!

We are a professional moving company that offers residential moving services and commercial moving services.

So, we had to add car transportation services to our packages to be able to offer you the high-quality service you deserve and have to come to expect from Movers On Duty (If you have been recommended to use our services or if you’re a repeated client).

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Are you moving from Washington DC to Florida? Or are you moving from Maryland to Florida?

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