Non allowable items

Items moving companies do not transport

What are the things moving companies don’t move?

There are many things moving companies do not move. If you aren’t sure and a specific item doesn’t show up below, please, check with us directly. We will be more than glad to help.

What won’t movers move?

Lamp shades and light bulbs will not be moved if they aren’t properly packed in a labeled box. (If we are handling the packing for you then you don’t have to worry about this)

What won't movers move

What can’t movers move?

The items listed below are not only no-brainers such as ammunition and gas/diesel but also seemingly innocuous items like nail polish, kids’ chemistry sets, and plants.

Please, be aware that although not hazardous, most moving companies will also include perishable food and personal/sentimental items to the list.

  • Fireworks / Explosives / Flammable items
  • Paint and thinners / Corrosives / Hazardous items
  • Nail polish / Nail polish remover
  • Propane cylinders
  • Matches / Lighters / Lighter fluid
  • Gasoline / Diesel
  • Oxygen bottles
  • Kids’ chemistry sets
  • Open bottles of cleaning supplies / Liquor
  • Fertilizers / Chemicals in general
  • Ammo / Weapons
  • Power equipment with fuel
  • Plants / Pets
  • Perishable items
Things movers don't move

Perishables Movers don’t transport

Food items will not be allowed by movers. This is because the food will most likely not make it and it could attract mice, rats, and other pests that could possibly damage your property. (Dry or canned food is ok)

If your move will be picked up and delivered within 24 hours, your moving crew may just allow perishables to be transported as long as they are properly packed in coolers. But you will have to check with your crew leader directly.

Perishable items include:

Produce, open food containers, plants, frozen/refrigerated food

(Pets will not be transported)

Things professional movers will not move

Sentimental or personal items

Our PRO movers don’t like to transport these items because of the inherent risk of loss or damage. Basically, our movers want to limit their liability because those items are invaluable and irreplaceable to you.

You likely want to have these items under your control anyway, right?

The loss/misplace of medical records, financial documents or school records could be difficult if not impossible to replace.

Sensitive electronics, such as laptops, might be damaged by the extreme temperatures in a moving van.

Jewelry, cash, gold, collections, and personal videotapes, flash-drives, or CDs could not be replaced if lost.

Here’s a look at what most moving companies may consider personal or sentimental:

Address books/AgendasComputer discsPersonal video tapes, DVDs
Airline ticketsFinancial documentsPhotographs, photo albums
Car keysInsurance policiesProfessional files
Car titlesIRAs, deeds, tax recordsResearch projects
Cash/GoldJewelrySchool records
CDs/DVDs/BlueraysKeys to furn., safe, home, shed, etc.Sterling silver
Cell phonesLaptop computersStocks or bonds
Certificates of DepositMedical, dental recordsWedding albums
Collections (coin, etc.)Pagers and other devices

This applies to movers Maryland, movers Virginia, and movers DC.


Things moving companies don't move

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