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Downsizing home

How to downsize and declutter?

Downsizing your home might be the right thing to do.

But is it the right thing for you?

The economy has forced us to think outside the box. Downsizing for some may seem to be the best way out. But not for all…

If you are planning on moving in the near future, consider decluttering before moving day. This will definitely save you money!

Downsizing movers

Get rid of what you definitely don’t need!

Give yourself plenty of time. Then create a plan to get rid of the unwanted items.

Don’t pay to move things you no longer need. If it has been in the attic for 5 years, you probably do NOT need it anymore.

The Salvation Army and other charities will pick up your donations free of charge. And they’ll even give you a donation slip for the donated items.

Whatever they do not want to take, we will be able to handle for you. Because besides moving, we also offer junk removal services.


Downsizing your home doesn’t have to be so hard.

If you’re moving to a new city, have kids who moved out, are going through a divorce or breakup, are aging, or just want to simplify your lifestyle. You might want to consider downsizing.

Most people go through a downsizing process at some point in their lives.

This downsizing trend has picked up steam in the past few years.

downsizing help

Regardless of the reason, downsizing can be a stressful and time-consuming process — both emotionally and physically.

But knowing how to downsize the right way can keep the process from feeling so overwhelming.

When downsizing, it is usually said that packing is the worst part. And it might actually be.

That’s why we offer packing services and depending on the area we also offer unpacking services.

We can even provide the packing supplies. So, there is one more thing you don’t have to worry about.

how much do downsizing services cost

How much do downsizing services cost? Moving and downsizing company

We won’t lie to you. The best answer we can give you at this moment is: It depends!

Yes, only you know what you have at home, what you will want to keep, and what not…

On the other hand, we can promise you we’ll be there to help. No other moving company offers downsizing help as we do. (Don’t forget to check our reviews below)

downsizing home

Estate downsizing services near me – Home downsizing services

We have great ideas and strategies to organize, unclutter, declutter and downsize your home.

After working with interior designers for several years, we have learned a thing or two.

Multiple locations? No problem, we can handle it.

downsizing services

Senior downsizing services – Downsizing services for seniors

Our senior moving specialists will make downsizing a breeze!

Movers On Duty offers a turnkey service for those in the process of downsizing, organizing, moving, donating, and decluttering.

Our downsizing home specialists have already seen it all. We have helped hundreds of seniors downsize their homes.

We are always available to make the process run as smoothly and simply as possible.

senior downsizing


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