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Heavy furniture

Heavy furniture movers – Heavy item moving services

How do movers move heavy furniture? Just like we move heavy gun safes!

With years of experience and the correct furniture moving equipment as well!

If you have a particularly heavy or large item that needs moving, such as a piano or a heavy gun safe, our movers can definitely help!

Our heavy furniture movers, protect the item before it is moved, then we use dollies and hand trucks to move it. And if we can’t roll it, we carry it.

Check out this video of our guys bringing a 550 lbs piano downstairs like it is nothing:

Heavy item movers – Need help moving a heavy piece of furniture?

You can hire us to help you move your whole house or just 1 heavy item.

Our single-item moves may or may not include the use of our truck. If you only need to move a heavy piece of furniture upstairs or downstairs (inside your home) we will give you a special rate.

Our heavy item movers have an excellent online reputation because we know how to treat our clients, their homes, and their heavy items with respect and professionalism.

heavy furniture movers

Movers with experience in moving heavy safes – Gun safe movers

Will a moving company move a gun safe?

Moving a heavy gun safe is a difficult and challenging task that requires specialized equipment and training.

But yes, we can absolutely help you move your safe. (As long as it is empty)

Our movers love moving heavy safes. We understand the unique challenges associated with moving heavy objects and have developed best practices to ensure that your gun safe is moved safely and securely.

gun safe movers

Moving heavy furniture? Heavy item movers that can handle anything!

Your movers couldn’t move your heaviest furniture items? And you need them moved!

There is nothing to worry about, you have found the right moving company to complete the job.

When other movers fail, you can always count on Movers On Duty to handle your heavy items.

heavy item movers

Large item movers – Heavy furniture movers near me

We have big trucks. So, the size of the item you need to have moved most likely will NOT be a problem.

We offer in-home furniture moving if all you need is moving labor help. But we also offer movers with a truck if you need your item/furniture moved somewhere else.

And when it comes to the weight of the piece, please, do not worry our professional piano movers are used to handling heavy stuff.

heavy item movers

We have furniture moving equipment for moving heavy furniture

And yes, we love doing the heavy-lifting!

But most of the time we work smart not hard. We have furniture sliders (This makes moving heavy furniture effortless). We also use 4-wheel furniture dollies and hand trucks.

We are actually affordable furniture movers who can move one piece of furniture, heavy furniture, or even load and unload your entire moving truck or container. (We also offer loading help only and unloading help only)

heavy furniture movers

Heavy furniture movers Maryland – Heavy item movers Virginia – Large items movers Washington DC

Our Maryland movers can handle jobs anywhere in MD. But we also have moving crews in DC, our Washington DC movers are awesome!

If you live in Virginia, we can still help. Our Virginia movers are just a phone call away from you. Although we mostly work in Northern VA, we will get to you. (Wherever you are)

heavy furniture movers near me

Best way to move a large and heavy item: Call large item movers

How do you move oversized items? How much does it cost to move a large piece of furniture?

Well, that will depend on exactly what you need to have moved. And where it needs to go. We are experts in moving heavy or oversized items.

Moving oversized furniture may cause a large amount of distress for everyone involved. Fortunately, you have found the right company for the job.

We truly enjoy moving large and heavy items that other people simply can’t. It makes us feel like superhumans!!

oversized furniture movers

How to handle specialty items during a move? Heavy, oversized, and even bulky items

Moving a bulky item might seem like a daunting task. But our teams of pro movers know exactly how to handle these oversized items.

This includes moving things out of the way before we start moving the item.

Let Movers On Duty do the heavy lifting. Besides, we know how to disassemble and then reassemble furniture to make things easier.

bulky item movers

Many companies trust Movers On Duty when they need their heavy equipment and appliances relocated

Yes, we offer residential moving and commercial moving services.

We have moved commercial refrigerators, ovens, and other super-heavy appliances.

And although we really don’t like bragging, it is pretty sweet to get freshly-baked cinnabon’s out of the new ovens we just delivered as a tip…

heavy appliance movers

How do you find someone to move heavy furniture? Safe movers?

Finding someone to help you move heavy items or furniture is rather simple. We have moved commercial gun safes so heavy that a regular truck couldn’t transport them. Ask us how we got it done!

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Our expert heavy furniture movers are here to help 7-days a week.

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