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Moving contractor Centreville VA – Movers On Duty

Commercial and residential moving services Centreville Virginia

Moving contractor in Centreville VA offering the following services:

moving contractor centreville va

Need help packing the boxes? Movers On Duty can help you pack everything or only the fragile items, you decide. Our packing services in Centreville VA include FREE BOXES and more!

You will be surprised by how affordable it can actually be to hire pros. Not to mention, have you already thought about how much time we will save you?

residential moving centreville va

Half a mile or 60 miles away, it doesn’t matter WE CAN HELP. We hire local movers to help people move in Centreville that will treat all your furniture and boxes with the utmost respect.

Our Centreville VA movers will plastic wrap your mattresses and blanket wrap all your wooden furniture at no additional cost and they will even protect the door if they think it can get scratched by oversized or awkward furniture items.

long distance moving Centreville va

Movers On Duty is one of the few companies offering long-distance moving to and from Centreville. We will assign a truck to you and for you only. You NEVER will have to worry about your belongings being delivered to the wrong person, getting lost or delivered to the wrong place.

For us, it is all about offering peace of mind besides muscles and trucks 😉

Need to get there sooner? We also offer expedited-delivery long distance moving services for residents of Centreville Virgina. We will deliver the same or the next day when most of our competitors offer 3 to 14 days. And for longer distances, we can deliver in 3 to 7 days when they offer 7 to 21 days.

But most importantly, we always deliver.

junk removal centreville va

Junk removal service Centreville VA by professional seasoned movers. No need to worry about your walls or doors getting scratched in the process of removal.

We safely relocate entire households on a daily basis, we can help to remove appliances and old furniture without damaging your property, easily.

That is a fact.

residential Movers centreville va

Are you moving from one apartment to another one in the same building? Maybe just moving things from one floor to another one in the same house/building?

If you are looking for labor only movers in Centreville VA, we can schedule movers without a truck anywhere in Centreville Virginia at the time most convenient to you. You can hire our apartment movers to help you load a truck or to help you unload a truck only.

“We got the trucks, the muscles, and the brains!”

The Movers On Duty Team

Thanks to our strong commitment to our clients in Centreville, we have proudly achieved a 98% customer satisfaction rate and have been members of the Better Business Bureau for years with an A+ rating.

Packing services Centreville Virginia – Call us for a safe delivery

The mere idea of packing can be the most overwhelming part of moving. Sometimes it’s hard to even know where to start. Whether you’re moving state-to-state, across the street or into a storage facility, Movers On Duty is a moving company in Centreville Virginia that can easily handle your packing needs to simplify your move.

We promise and provide the highest-quality packing services to bring your personal possessions safely home.

We know how important it is to you that your belongings are delivered safely.

Peace of mind is just around the corner!

packing service Centreville va

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