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Moving brokers | Should I hire moving brokers

Moving brokers

Contacting several moving companies is not an easy task. Moving brokers (middlemen) help facilitate this process. But should you hire a moving broker? Or is it smarter to contact the moving company directly and save money?

There are many pros of hiring moving brokers but there are also many reasons why hiring a moving broker can leave you broke.

Should I hire moving brokers?

As Allied pointed out:

“Moving brokers are middlemen between the household who is moving and moving companies. The brokers are not the actual movers and typically do not own trucks or moving equipment or have a professional moving staff. They provide the convenience of finding a moving company and are sales people who sell the move.”

So, the short answer is NO. Moving Kings also did a great job explaining the disadvantages of choosing a moving broker:

“The problem with using a moving broker is that once they secure your deposit and signature, the moving broker has been paid and it’s now up to their third party carrier to complete your move. The third party carrier has to pay a portion of the job to the moving broker, so they will try every tactic to upcharge you. This is the reason behind many of the nightmare moving stories you read where customers are charged hidden fees (sometimes double the cost of the move), report missing and broken items, and suffer through delayed deliveries and pickups. It may seem like a good idea to have a moving broker mediating between you and the carrier, but who needs a middle man? “

Movers On Duty is a moving carrier; an ACTUAL MOVING COMPANY that is locally owned and operated with our own trucks, vans, and our own moving crews.

We are NOT A BROKER. And we would like to take this opportunity to reiterate the importance of reserving your move with a local carrier!

Moving brokers

Are Movers On Duty a moving broker?

No, we are not. We are a local and long-distance moving company that actually transports your belongings.

We own our own fleet of branded moving trucks, we have the required moving equipment to complete every relocation job, we provide the necessary packing materials for the service of packing, and we also have full-time professional movers who have been trained extensively to handle all types of move-related scenarios.

Should i hire moving brokers

moving broker

moving brokers

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