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Moving during the coronavirus pandemic outbreak

What is Movers On Duty doing to stop the spread of COVID-19?

This is a rare time, where our actions are about something bigger than us. Our actions protect people we may never even meet. We are all part of a much larger community and we understand that together we can make a huge impact on the lives of others.

We value the health and safety not only of our staff but also our customers more than anything else. In order to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, we fully stopped operations for a whole month to make sure nobody in the entire team was sick.

We have been practicing social-distancing, self-monitoring, and we have been quarantining ourselves in an effort to contain the virus.

are moving companies essential businesses

Are moving companies operating during the coronavirus lockdown? Are moving companies shut down?

Now that we have made sure that we are all healthy, we are fully operational again.

We are licensed, insured, and bonded. We are open for business and we’re working closely with our crews to continue to conduct business safely.

But we want to make sure it’s clear that we are putting the safety of our customers and team members first. We are doing this by following all the best practices and guidelines for social-distancing, sanitation, cleanliness, and precaution.

  • We have decided to stop doing visual estimates. Instead, we have created a page that allows you to get an instant online moving estimate (for local and long-distance moving). If you like the estimate, you can then give us the actual details of the move and we’ll give you an exact price quote.
  • The truck will be disinfected before going to you (that includes the blankets, dollies, and hand-trucks).
  • You will NOT have to share the truck with anyone else.
  • The truck is reserved only for you. That is for both local and long-distance moves.
  • Each one of our moving crews has plenty of liquid hand-soap, hand-sanitizer, masks, and gloves.
movers coronavirus

So, we are more than ready to go out to help people who must move or simply can’t delay their moving plans any longer. We offer movers with a truck and movers without a truck.

Most commercial and residential moving companies can provide virtual estimates, rather than in-home estimates. If this is your preference,  we can use skype, WhatsApp, or any other app to give you a quote.

If you’d prefer simply getting a quote via email, you can email us a list of the items to be moved or you can send us a video/pictures. You can also give us a call or you can just use our instant moving quote calculator.

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Are moving companies essential businesses?

Yes, moving companies are considered an essential business by both state and local governments during the Covid19 pandemic due to the critical service they provide to the community and families who are in transition.

The American Moving & Storage Association recommends that consumers and movers regularly check resources like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to stay up-to-date on the latest news regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

This is a scary time and it certainly takes moving stress to the next level. But when you have movers as well prepared as we are by your side, everything goes smoothly.

moving companies that are operating

Steps that people moving during the Covid19 outbreak can take when planning their move

  1. Please follow CDC guidelines, for the health of your family and moving crew.
  2. Give us the chance to serve you in the safest way possible. Let us know ahead of time if anyone in your household may have contracted coronavirus, or may have been exposed to someone who has.
  3. Feel free to ask questions below (on how we are mitigating the health risks of COVID-19 or anything else you may have in mind).
  4. Provide your moving crew access to a sink, soap, and paper towels throughout the move.
  5. If you plan to pack the boxes yourself, PURCHASE NEW moving boxes; this isn’t the time to use recycled boxes.
  6. If you are planning on using plastic bins instead. Wipe down the interior and exterior with a disinfecting wipe before packing items in them.
  7. Clorox wipe all your furniture before the movers arrive if possible.
  8. Consider deep cleaning your new home before unpacking to mitigate further the risk of contracting the coronavirus.
Moving during the coronavirus pandemic

Are there any additional fees or charges if I have to postpone or cancel my move?

We do NOT charge anything extra for rescheduling or canceling appointments. This is the reason why we don’t ask for a credit card or an advanced payment in order to reserve your movers.

If you are in a high-risk group (over 60 or have pre-existing respiratory or cardiovascular conditions or compromised immunity), then please, postpone your move if at all possible until after the health authorities announce the pandemic is over.

is it safe to move during the coronavirus pandemic

Is it safe to move during the coronavirus pandemic?

Yes, moving during the COVID-19 epidemic is safe as long as you follow recommended guidelines on social distancing, hand washing, and other practices.

While moving can be completely safe (and essential) during the pandemic, the AMSA, in its coronavirus guidelines encourages consumers to postpone their move if possible.

But do keep in mind that movers are considered low-risk for the transmission of coronavirus. Moving crews typically only help one or two customers per day and are able to easily maintain social distancing during the move.

moving during covid19

What Are Moving Companies Doing Differently during Covid19?

We are taking the coronavirus pandemic very seriously. To that end, moving companies across the country have put into place protocols designed to protect their employees and their customers. These include:

  • Following federal and local guidelines around social distancing and sanitization
  • Conducting virtual surveys instead of in-home surveys to provide estimates
  • Frequently sanitizing trucks and equipment
  • Practicing social distancing with customers and, as much as possible, among moving teams
  • No more hand-shaking.
  • Wearing masks and gloves
  • Keeping trucks stocked with hand soap and hand sanitizer

All of these practices help ensure that moving services can remain available in a safe way.

are moving companies considered essential businesses

My move is scheduled in a few days, and I’m not feeling well, what should I do?

If you or someone in your household/business is displaying symptoms of the virus, please, delay your move at least until you get the approval to proceed from a health professional. But if you are not considered at risk, you may want to proceed. We ask in this situation that you please inform us if you are not feeling well.

We will be in contact with you prior to your move, and together we will run through the extra safety precautions we have put into place

As a Covid19 essential service, we have created a plan to continue to provide safe and efficient moving services to our customers.

*** Covid19-ready movers ***

moving during coronavirus

Are moving companies open in Maryland? Are moving companies open in Virginia? Are moving companies closed in DC?

We have movers in Maryland, movers in Virginia, and movers in DC ready to go help you move!

Moving companies are open right now, movers are working with masks and gloves during covid19.

We are here to help you move during the coronavirus pandemic, although most people are in quarantine. But since movers are essential, we will be there if you need us.

are moving companies considered essential businesses

are moving companies open

are movers an essential service

And switching gears a little, have you considered what have been the Coronavirus lockdown effects on animals?

With almost all countries affected by COVID-19 (Coronavirus), governments around the world have imposed lock-down measures and asked their citizens to stay at home.

Please have a look at these photos and videos of wildlife reclaiming deserted streets in towns and cities all over the world:

What have been the environmental effects of the coronavirus?

From crystal clear waters in the canals of Venice to a dramatic drop in pollution levels in all major cities, the covid19 pandemic has had a number of positive effects on the environment as millions across the world are placed under lockdown.

Got any other questions or concerns? Did we miss anything?

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