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How to properly pack dishes?

How to pack dishes

How to properly pack dishes?

Learn how to easily pack dishes like a PRO

  • The #1 tip we can give you when it comes to packing a dish box is to use lots of packing paper, foam, and bubble wrap. You can never use too much paper. The more paper you are using, the more protection the items get. The #2 best tip is to contact a professional moving company to help with your move. Pro movers don’t damage stuff.

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How to pack books

movers that pack

How to pack books?

Before we start packing books, we must know the right size box for them. Books are heavy!

The book box is 1.5 cubic feet and measures 17”x12 3/8”x 12 3/8”. This box is the smallest of the standard-sized boxes, and because of that, it is the ideal choice for packing heavy items and small items.
This is one of the most common moving box sizes, and can be used for a wide variety of items.
Never pack books in big boxes. They won’t hold the weight and most people won’t be able to move them.

How to properly pack books in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Prepare the Box for Packing

If you are using new boxes, you’ll need to put them together first. Make sure you seal the bottom well by doubling the amount of tape. If you’re-using a recycled box, we recommend you always tape the bottom again with packing tape to make sure it will hold. Continue reading “How to pack books”

How to Pack a Wardrobe Box – Packing tips

what is a wardrobe box

Packing a Wardrobe Box – Great way to move clothes hanging in your closet

One of the best packing tips we can give you is to always get all of your household items packed into sturdy cardboard boxes. (Plastic bags won’t really work)

A wardrobe box is the largest standard sized box that most movers use for packing. Our wardrobe boxes measure 24’’ x 21’’ x 49’’ and come with a 24’’ metal hanging bar.

It is specially designed to safely transport hanging clothes during the course of the move (Hanging closet clothes, such as coats, boutique items, suit jackets, dresses, and any other hanging shirts or pants). Your clothes will not become wrinkled during the move, because you can leave your clothes on the hanger.

That’s the price for a 3-Pack!

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Packing and Moving TVs, Artwork, Pictures & Frames

Packing and Moving TVs, Artwork, Pictures & Frames

If you’re packing monitors, moving TVs, photos, large pieces of artwork or other framed prints, you need to know how to prepare them for moving so you don’t end up with broken screens/glass or chipped frames. We will now show you how we do it.

*Packing tip:

When moving large pieces of artwork, it is best to pack each piece in a separate specialty box that is slightly larger than the frame you’re packing. If you can’t find specialty boxes, take apart a used box and flatten it.

Or simply get an 8-pack like this from Amazon to protect all your priceless artwork, mirrors, and TVs:

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